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Title Closed Loop Space Time Block Code Schemes for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems
Degree MS
Author Dujeong Choi
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date File
    Date 2013-09-13 11:43


High quality and high data rate services seem to be a prerequisite for the next

generation wireless communications. However, there are many obstacles that inhibit

those quality communication services. The main obstacle that impedes the advent of

next generation wireless communications is the signal deterioration by multipath fading

channels. The techniques to mitigate those channel fading effects are urgently needed

for future wireless communications. One of the effective ways to combat fading channel

environment is an antenna diversity technique. This can be provided by using temporal,

frequency, polarization, and spatial resources. Typically, antenna diversity had been

considered mainly for base stations, however, technological development of antennas

and mobile communicators has made it possible to deploy multiple antennas on mobile

stations, too. It has been reported that multiple antennas at both the transmitter side

and the receiver side can increase the communication channel reliability and spectrum

efficiency. Based on those multiple antenna schemes at the transmitter and the receiver

ends, there have been a lot of studies to maximize the multiple antenna effect. One of

noticeable ways to maximize the multiple antenna effect is space time block coding.

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