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Title Issues in Multi-Carrier Multiple Access Systems for Multi-Service Applications
Degree Ph.D.
Author Yeo-Min Yoon
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:26
During the past decades, deployment of wireless systems and demands for wireless
communication services have increased signi cantly. Recently, the explosive growth of
the Internet and the continued dramatic increase in demand for all types of wireless
services including voice, data, and video streaming require more capacity, higher data
rate, and more multimedia service capability, compared to the past digital cellular
systems. Therefore, the multiple access (MA) schemes using multi-carrier techniques,
for satisfying the users needs become important issues, to eciently use the limited
frequency resource. There are various multi-carrier MA systems for multimedia multirate
services. In this dissertation, we focus on demultiplexing and demodulation, that
are required for the receiver of the multi-carrier MA systems. To discuss the implementation
issues in the multi-carrier schemes, we investigate the digital demultiplexer used
in the multi-carrier demodulator (MCD). Furthermore, we mainly investigate three
MA systems with frequency hopping (FH) schemes such as the FH/MFSK(multilevel
frequency shift keying) MA system, the FH-FDMA(frequency division multiple access)
system, and the FHMA system to discuss the demodulation part. An FH spread spectrum
communication system belongs to the category of a multi-carrier scheme because
it transmits the information through multiple frequency bands. Also, the inherent
diversity in fast FH systems can provide some protection against MA interference,
additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), fading, and intentional interference.
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