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Title Equal-gain Combining Diversity Receiver for Mobile Multimedia over Non-identically Distributed Nakagami-m Fading Channel
Degree Ph.D.
Author Youngsun Kim
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:19
During the past decades, researchers and engineers have demonstrated techniques to
analyze and implement the mobile multimedia communication system as a ful llment
for increasing desires of users. Recently, users can communicate with anyone, anywhere,
at any time, using a wide range of multimedia services, such as voice, data, video, realtime
audio/video conferencing, video on demand, World Wide Web, etc. The evolution
of wireless mobile systems for multimedia communications will not seize at current
stage. The mobile multimedia communication will enable users to roam freely between
xed and mobile networks anywhere in the world and allow them to communicate with
any kind of information. Mobile and xed networks will accelerate their integration to
provide improved services.
For further development of mobile multimedia communications system, elementary
issues are the exact modelling of mobile wireless channels, transmitters and receivers.
The exact model facilitates exact performance evaluation, thus, the system designer can
easily correct or modify the mobile multimedia system depending on the requirements
of the system.
In the wireless channel for mobile multimedia communication, the transmitted signal
propagates as electro-magnetic waves which usually cannot reach the antenna of
receiver directly. The received waves consist of multiple waves which su er from re-

ection, di raction, and scattering from physical obstacles, such as buildings, trees,
vehicles. Furthermore, amplitudes and phases of received waves are changed with destructive
or constructive manner. This is known to be the multipath fading channel
which is well modelled by the Nakagami-m distribution.
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