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Title Analysis of Performance and Traffic Control Schemes in CDMA/ATM Based Multimedia Mobile Networks
Degree MS
Author Gwangzeen Ko
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:17
A cellular system, as a solution for terrestrial mobile communication systems, consists
of two parts, wireless and wired link. Recently, the majority of development
in cellular technologies concentrated on the wireless link because of its poor channel
environments. For the wireless link, among the multiple access techniques, the
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technique is the most widely used, due to the
high capacity. On the other hand, for the wired link, Asynchronous Transfer Mode
(ATM) technology is developed to convey high-speed data with several merits such as
bandwidth eciency and e ectiveness of Quality of Service (QoS) control. The third
generation mobile systems (3G) employ these two technologies from Mobile Station
(MS) to Base Station (BS) wireless link and from BS to Mobile exchanger (MX) wired
links, under the name of CDMA/ATM based mobile networks.
To guarantee eciency and stability of CDMA/ATM networks, we should maintain
the parameters describing the network situation properly. However, the CDMA wireless
link and the ATM wired link have big di erences, such as channel environments,
transmission rate, frame format, Quality of Service (QoS), etc. Therefore, it is hard to
design the optimal control mechanism throughout the entire network. One of the possible
approaches is considering wired and wireless links respectively and devising the
optimal control mechanism for each link. Furthermore, to optimally manage each link,
we classify the problems into four categories by trac characteristics such as circuit
switching (CS) trac in wireless link, packet switching (PC) trac in wireless link,
and single and multi-class in wired link. We investigate performance and trac control
schemes for each category.
광주과학기술원 한·러 MT-IT 융합기술연구센터 광주과학기술원정보통신공학부