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Title Effects of Frequency Offsets in OFDMA Up-link and Capacity Analysis of the OFDMA-CDMA Ranging Subsystem for Next Generation Communications
Degree MS
Author Jisang You
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2005.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:10
Recently, the possibility of new market formation is being tested in the mobile com-
munication service area, providing such various services as broadcasting, multimedia
image, e-mail, and multimedia message. The third generation (3G) system called as In-
ternational Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)-2000 provides an international roaming
and supports data transmission rate from 144kbps in the case of high-speed movement
to 2Mbps in the case of stationariness. In addition, it focuses on the realization of ad-
vanced mobile communication system to provide voice, high-speed data, and animation
services. However, users require a wireless multimedia service which has the same thing
with the quality of wired broadband networks and pursue diverse services in the aspects
of time and speed. In the case of IMT-2000, there is a limitation in satisfying the users
varying requirement about mobile communication services, resulting in the necessity
of the fourth generation (4G) mobile communication. The purpose of the 4G mobile
communication is to make genuine multimedia communication possible by combining
wired area with wireless area, based on the data transmission rate from 155Mbps to
1Gbps in the case of movement and stillness, respectively. Orthogonal Frequency Di-
vision Multiplexing (OFDM) is a promising candidate to satisfy the requirement items
of 4G mobile communication.
OFDM is one of the multi-carrier transmission/modulation methods using many
sub-carriers, converting input data into parallel form.
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