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Title Spectrum Placement Issues in Robust Bandpass Sampling for Software Defined Radios
Degree Ph.D.
Author Miheung Choe
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2005.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:05
Software De?ned Radio(SDR) is de?ned as a digital radio technology integrated
from several communication systems to support multi-channels of various communi-
cation standards, which derives its °exibility through software while using a static
hardware platform. As technology progresses, the SDR system will be fully realized by
using advanced digital technology, making it possible to support global roaming and
interfacing with di?erent communication standards to provide seamless services to any
?xed location all over the world.
In traditional communication systems, when received Radio Frequency(RF) signals
are directly sampled for digital signal processing, a high speed analog-to-digital con-
verter with digital signal processor has been normally used. In this case, the sampling
system operates in real time since the sampled digital signal should be moved regularly
in its digital signal processor and transferred to the peripheral devices. Furthermore,
the digital signal processor should take care of the large amount of data sampled by
the analog-to-digital converter even though the system is able to sample the RF signals
speedily. Thus, a lower sampling rate is desirable for this reason. In order to reduce the
sampling rate signi?cantly without aliasing, bandpass sampling is a useful alternative
since the input RF signals to the antenna port are normally band-limited RF signals.
In order to practically apply the bandpass sampling to the SDR, it is indispensable
to investigate the spectrum placements for the robust bandpass sampling because the
sampling system does not easily sample RF signals directly from the antenna port due
to current technical limitations.
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