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Title Analysis of Frequency-hopped Spread Spectrum Multiple Access Systems under Fading Channels
Degree Ph.D.
Author Jeungmin Joo
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2005.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 21:03
During the past decades, the commercial demands for wireless communication ser-
vices have been signi?cantly increased, and as a result, there have been a number of
advances in wireless communication systems. Recently, the rapid growth of the inter-
net and multimedia communications has led to unprecedented demands for high-speed
communication systems. In order to support high-speed wireless communications un-
der the harsh and challenging channel conditions, a lot of attention has been paid
to multi-carrier systems in the ?eld of radio communications. Among the numerous
multi-carrier systems, frequency-hopped spread spectrum multiple access (FHSS-MA)
communication systems have been widely studied, and shown to be an e?ective method
of the wireless communications in combating the harsh channel conditions owing to
their inherent frequency diversity. Furthermore, additional advantages such as smaller
total interference, lessening near-far problems, and better external jamming and fre-
quency agility provide a favorable edge to FHSS-MA systems over other multi-carrier
MA systems. Therefore, the focus is placed on the analysis of FHSS-MA systems in
this dissertation.
At ?rst, the bit error rate (BER) performance of a synchronous fast FHSS-MA
system is investigated under various wireless fading channels such as Rician fading,
Nakagami-m fading, and shadowed Rician fading which may be well encountered in
practice, where the focus is placed on the fast FHSS-MA systems using multiple M-ary
frequency shift keying (MFSK) modulated symbols per hop and noncoherent demodu-
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