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Title Qos Aware MAC-based Cross-layer Resource Management in Large-scale Pervasive Access Networking
Degree Ph.D.
Author Kanghee Kim
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2005.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 20:59
Pervasive wireless access networking provides ubiquitous wireless connectivity
for a variety of heterogeneous nodes. This approach includes RFID tags, transmit
only (simplex) sensors, and duplex nodes with a diversity of quality of service (QoS)
requirements and capabilities, and so-called large-scale pervasive networking. Due to
the necessity for heterogeneous connectivity, pervasive wireless networks introduce fun-
damentally new characteristics and requirements such as heterogeneous QoS require-
ments, seamless integration of heterogeneous nodes, and extremely non-uniform data
tra±c with Gbps local hot spots. One of the barriers to the widespread deployment
of large-scale pervasive wireless access networking has been the absence of acceptable
QoS while delivering bandwidth su±cient to qualify as broadband. It has already been
proven that the delivery of raw bandwidth over wireless media without acceptable QoS
will not result in market or user acceptance. Maximizing the end user experience is
essential to providing wireless QoS. Since wireless bandwidth is precious commodity,
with multiple users sharing a wireless radio link, the main task of the wireless medium
access control (MAC) layer is to provide for orderly and e±ciently shared access to the
wireless medium. With a range of data °ows, each having di?erent bandwidth, latency
and jitter requirements due to either the heterogeneity of nodes or the wireless diver-
sity of individual users, the wireless system must be able to manage QoS mechanism
parameters over a wide range in real time. The goal of high-quality data transmission
over a shared pervasive wireless access network requires new and creative approaches
to system hardware and software design as well as a new perspective on the classic QoS
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