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Title Localization with Mobile Beacons in Wireless Sensor Networks
Degree MS
Author Sang-Ho Lee
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2007.08.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 20:38
The location information of sensor nodes is needed for location-based services and
network management in wireless sensor networks. Many kinds of localization algorithms
have been researched to nd the location of sensor nodes. Of these localization
algorithms, range-free localization algorithms nding the location without distance or
angle information between sensor nodes do not require an additional hardware so that
they could help design sensor nodes with lower cost. The localization algorithm with
mobile beacons Ssu et al. proposed has ne-grained accuracy, scalability and power
eciency because it uses mobile beacons even though it does not use the measured information.
However, Ssus localization algorithm usually makes the localization error
larger when the minimum distance between the locations used for location calculation
is too short.
To improve on the location accuracy from Ssus localization algorithm, we propose
a new localization algorithm that obtains the location of a sensor node after nding
the possible area within which the sensor node will be by using geometric constraints.
According to simulation results, the proposed localization algorithm provides higher
location accuracy and reduces the power consumption of sensor nodes by decreasing
the communication overhead between sensor nodes and mobile beacons in comparison
to Ssus localization algorithm.
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