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Title Efficient Pre-allocation Based Media Access Control Protocols for Passive Star Coupled Wavelength Division Multiple Access Networks
Degree Ph.D.
Author Changho Yun
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2007.08.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 20:33
The passive star coupled wavelength division multiple access (WDMA) network
based on wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology is a well-known architecture,
which covers metropolitan areas and eciently manages metro-gaps. Previously,
a variety of media access control (MAC) protocols have been proposed for
the network in order to provide an ecient packet transfer service in the MAC sublayer.
These MAC protocols can be broadly categorized into three types, namely preallocation
based, reservation based, and contention based MAC protocols. Among the
three types, pre-allocation based MAC protocols, executed by a scheduling algorithm
at which a source-destination pair (SDP) and a speci c wavelength are periodically
pre-assigned per each time slot based on a source-destination map, are advantageous
of avoiding several network collisions such as channel, transmitter, and receiver collisions
as compared with the other two types of MAC Protocols. Additionally, these
pre-allocation based MAC protocols are quite e ective in that they can support low
hardware complexity, a simple packet frame with small overload, and high throughput.
For further development of pre-allocation based MAC protocols, here we present
three remarkable issues and our corresponding works. At rst, it is still necessary
to design a new pre-allocation based MAC protocol that e ectively compensates for
an idle time slot. Despite their advantages, an outbreak at the idle time slot can
induce poor channel utilization and low throughput when no data packets are bu ered
for one SDP until the pre-assigned time slot under lightly loaded trac conditions.
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