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Title Performance Analysis of Output-Queued Optical Packet Switch Employing Output Variable All-Optical Buffers in Asynchronous Networks
Degree MS
Author Hyun-Ju Lee
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2008.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 20:26
To accommodate the enormous data tra±c from modern heterogenous net-
works, an optical packet switching (OPS) has attracted attention as a next-generation
switching system. In the OPS system, contention, which means that two or more pack-
ets desire to forward to the same output at the same time, is one of the major causes
of a packet loss. Therefore, contention resolution schemes are necessary to improve
the OPS performance. In electrical packet switching networks, contention is resolved
with the store-and-forward technique by using random-access memory (RAM). How-
ever, optical RAM technologies are still impractical so it is necessary to adopt di?erent
approaches for contention resolutions. In OPS, contention is solved in three domains;
the wavelength domain, the time domain, and the space domain. Among these, the
time domain resolution which uses all-optical bu?ers has a crucial in°uence on design-
ing the OPS architecture as well as enhancing performance. A common method of
all-optical bu?ers is ?ber delay lines (FDLs), but FDLs o?er only a ?xed and ?nite
amount of delay and use a large number of delay lines to implement large bu?er ca-
pacity. The large amount of FDLs may increase the overall cost and physical size of
a packet switch. Recently, all-optical variable delay bu?ers have been implemented by
various technologies. The variable all-optical bu?er could become the novel component
in time domain contention resolution schemes. Several papers have proposed various
OPS architectures using the all-optical variable delay bu?ers.
However, the exiting papers only verify the performance by simulation works with-
out analysis veri?cation even though a lot of papers have analyzed the performance of
OPS using FDLs under various network scenarios.
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