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Title Sequential Type-Based Detection over Multiaccess Channel in Wireless Sensor Networks
Degree MS
Author Dmitry Kramarev
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2008.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 20:14
In this work, we propose a sequential type-based detection scheme for wireless sen-
sor networks in the case of spatially and temporally identically and independently
distributed observations. First, we investigate the optimal sequential detection rule
of the proposed scheme, and then with the motivation of reducing the computational
complexity of the optimal detection rule, we consider an approximation scheme and
derive a suboptimal detection rule. We also compare the performances of the sequen-
tial type-based detection scheme with those of the non-sequential type-based detection
scheme in terms of both average number of observations and total energy consumption;
we determine the region of individual node power where the proposed scheme outper-
forms the non-sequential scheme. Further we study the asymptotic relative e±ciency
of the proposed sequential scheme and we show that under the same total energy con-
straints the sequential scheme is more e?ective in terms of the detection test size. In
addition, we show that the approximated detection rule provides results similar to the
optimal detection rule but with a signi?cant reduction of computational complexity,
which makes the approximated detection rule useful for real-time applications.
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