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Title Stability Analysis of Random Early Detection Active Queue Management Scheme for Congestion Control in Next-Generation Networks
Degree Ph.D.
Author Seok Woo
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2011.02.24 File
    Date 2013-09-11 16:35
Along with the rapid technological advancements in the broadband Internet and
access networks, such as wireless local area networks (WLAN), third-generation (3G)
cellular phone networks, photonic networks, and wireless sensor networks (WSN), abun-
dant research attentions to the next generation network (NGN) being emerged from
network developers and internet service providers (ISP). The NGN is a new packet-
based network which provides numerous services, such as real-time multimedia services
of video streaming and conferencing, peer-to-peer networking, IPTV, mobile telecom-
munications, and home networking, using one-stop IP network technologies.
For all-in-one services in the NGN, we are confronted with several important prob-
lems on converging di?erent platforms of networks. Ubiquitous accessing to disparate
networks, supporting mobility and minimizing battery power in wireless internet ser-
vices, and correspondence to national security and emergency are research challenges.
Tunneling is also one of the common issues on internetworking heterogeneous networks
by encapsulating a packet or frame with another packet of the same or a di?erent
network layer. For the ever-growing demand on quality of service (QoS), such as guar-
anteed bandwidth, low delay, jitter, and error rate, the NGN needs re-establish QoS
control function at the both of inside and outside of networks with a new architecture
and protocol designs. Especially, congestion control is one of the promising issues to
interconnect multiple networks that have diverse link capacity varies from several Kbps
to several Gbps. A disparity of available bandwidth in di?erent networks will make a
hot congested spot on networks which decreases reliability and QoS.
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