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Title Performance Improvement of Link-16 Receiver in the Presence of Jamming
Degree MS
Author Kim Yura
Graduation Date 2018.02.20 File Link icon
    Date 2019-02-25 09:57
Link 16 is the Tactical Data Link (TDL) for air, ground, maritime platfor ms and employed by United states military, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N ATO) and south Korea. The Link-16 system operates single pulse mode(SPM) or doub le pulse mode(DPM) depending on the message packing structure. When Link-16 oper ates in DPM, diversity combining technique can be adopted for performance improv ement of
Link-16 receiver. In this paper, we analyze performance of Link-16 wave form with various diversity combining techniques. These are:maximum likelihood c ombining (MLC), selection combining (SC), equal gain combining (EGC), hybrid com bining (HC), product combining(
PC). And HC is combination of SC and EGC. First, we assumed we got perfect side information for MLC, SC, HC. However, in practic e, getting side information for diversity combiner is difficult in frequency ho pping system. And, low-confidence side information degrades the performance of D iversity Combining Receiver (DCR). Hence, to show practical performance of Link- 16 DCR, we design the jamming detector using threshold and ANN based for SC and HC based DCR. We show jamming detection performance of two jamming detector. And then, we compare BER performance of SC and HC based DCR with two jamming detect or. Based on our simulation results, we conclude HC can be adopted for improved Link-16 receiver. And, we confirm the applicability of machine learning in Link- 16 system

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