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Title Tumor Pathophysiology and Micro Meningioma Localization Using Hydrogen Ions Diffusion and pH Measurement
Degree MS
Author Taechong Cho
Advisor Kiseon Kim
Graduation Date 2015.02.25 File
    Date 2017-03-06 10:51

Intracranial meningiomas arise from the meninges which envelop the central nervous system. Statistical data show meningioma makes up 20% of overall intracranial tumors, arises adults rather than children, and are usually detected in female. Most of meningiomas are discovered in benign tumors, but the tumors could be cancer cells and cause death. It is important to detect meningioma when the tumor size is small because it can increase the survival rate of patients.

This thesis presents a new localization scheme to find small-sized meningioma tumors for early diagnosis through microelectrodes. For a practical and reliable approach, we consider several characteristics of tumors. We focus on the pH characteristics of tumors and a propagation model can be designed via the diffusing hydrogen ions as a signal from tumors. We also reflect the convection effect in brain and suggest an advanced propagation model via a basic convection-diffusion equation. And then, we can derive measurement models and localization methods. We confirm that our approach can be adapted to find a small-sized brain tumor through numerical simulations. And the simulation shows that the small-sized tumors can be found using sensitive microelectrode probes. If there is no convection, the microelectrodes should achieve SNR 45dB to find 5mm sized tumors. If the convection exists, we should use much sensitive microelectrodes which achieve SNR 65dB to find the small-sized tumors.

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