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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Gwangzeen Ko Analysis of Performance and Traffic Control Schemes in CDMA/ATM Based Multimedia Mobile Networks MS
Youngsun Kim Equal-gain Combining Diversity Receiver for Mobile Multimedia over Non-identically Distributed Nakagami-m Fading Channel Ph.D.
Hong-Ku Kang OFDM Systems for the Broadband Wireless Communications under Multipath Environment Ph.D.
Changho Yun Performance Analysis of MMoF Systems Considering Fiber Dispersion under Rician Fading MS
Seokjin Sung DOA Tracking Algorithms for Smart Antenna Systems under Time-Varying Environments MS
Sungdon Moon Contribution on Multicarrier Modulation Techniques with Spread Spectrum Ph.D.
Su-Won Lee Fair Queuing-based Qos Provisioning in Wireless Multimedia Networks Ph.D.
Yeo-Min Yoon Issues in Multi-Carrier Multiple Access Systems for Multi-Service Applications Ph.D.
Younghyun Kim Performance Analysis of Space-Time Block Codes with Coherent and Differential Detections for Mobile Communication Systems MS
Sungsoo Choi Architecture of Standard Basis Galois-Field Arithmetics for High-Speed Digital Communications Ph.D.
Jeongrok Yang Capacity Analysis of CDMA systems Considering Limited Resources and Requirements Ph.D.
Dujeong Choi Closed Loop Space Time Block Code Schemes for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems MS
Youngsam Kim Channel Estimation Schemes based on Lagrange Interpolation in WCDMA Systems under Rayleigh Fading Channel MS
Youngkou Lee Design and Implementation Issues for a High-Speed Adaptive Modem Ph.D.
Seunggeun Kim Modem Structures and Algorithms for High-Speed Burst Transmission Ph.D.
Chiho Lee Issues on the Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme in DS/CDMA Systems Ph.D.
Seokjoo Shin Access Control and Scheduling Issues in the Packet CDMA systems for Multimedia Services Ph.D.
Insoo Koo Erlang Capacity of CDMA System Supporting Multi-class Services Ph.D.
Kyounghwan Lee Performance of Multiple Access Control Protocols for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless Communication MS
Kyung-Min Kim Channel Estimation Schemes for 3G CDMA Communication Systems over Rayleigh Fading Channel MS
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