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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Hong-Ku Kang BER Performance of the OFDM Systems with the Simple One-Tap Equalizer Bank under the Two-Ray Multipath Channel MS
Iltaeck Joo Performance of the Adaptive Beamforming Using the Split RLS Algorithm MS
Dongwook Lee A Study on Mobile IP Agent for Performance Enhancement in Wireless Data Networks MS
Jisoo Park A Study on Per-Class/VC Buffer Management Scheme for Multi-QoS Services in ATM Switching Systems MS
Seokjoo Shin A Novel Multimedia Transmission Protocol for the Third Generation Packet Radio Networks MS
Sungdon Moon Performance Analysis of Coded OMC-CDMA on Multipath Fading Channels MS
Euchan Kim Channel Assignment Schemes for Handoff in the Voice/Data CDMA Systems MS
Youngsun Kim BER Performance for Burst-mode QPSK Transmission with Frequency Offset Estimator MS
Hyunduk Kang Rate Management in Integrated Voice/Data DS-CDMA Systems MS
Hyuksoo Jin Performance Evaluation of a Shared Buffer Memory ATM Switch with Output Buffers MS
Kangyun Cho Study on the Handoff Schemes for Wireless ATM Networks MS
Su-Won Lee A MAC Protocol with Reservation and Controlled Access for Wireless ATM Networks MS
Wooncheol Hwang Performance Analysis of OFDM on the Shadowed Multipath Channels MS
Sungsoo Choi Study on the Performance Evaluation of Discrete Multi-Tone(DMT) : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL) MS
Kyungseon Cho A Family of Adaptive Suboptimal Multiuser Detectors for CDMA Systems MS
Jin Bae Performance Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for Integrated Voice and Data Services MS
Insoo Koo Capacity Analysis and Resource Management for the Multi-media DS-CDMA System MS
Eunjung Oh A Study of Traffic Control for Available Bit Rate(ABR) Services in ATM Networks MS
Hakyong Kim A High-Speed ATM Switch Architecture with Random Access Input Buffers MS
Youngkou Lee Study on Simulation of High-Speed Digital Receiver Based on a TCM Scheme MS
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