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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Insoo Koo Erlang Capacity of CDMA System Supporting Multi-class Services Ph.D.
Kyounghwan Lee Performance of Multiple Access Control Protocols for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless Communication MS
Kyung-Min Kim Channel Estimation Schemes for 3G CDMA Communication Systems over Rayleigh Fading Channel MS
Seokhun Cho Cell Plan and Capacity Analysis for the Multi-Layered CDMA System MS
Kwang-Jun Ha A Study on the Adaptive Modem for Mobile Radio under Rayleigh Fading Environments MS
Hyunjae Kim Study on Carrier Frequency Synchronization Schemes for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems MS
Jae-Sun Cha A Study on Traffic Scheduling Scheme for Improving QoS Performance in ATM Networks MS
Hyun-Ho Yoon A Study on Switch Architectures and Cell Scheduling Schemes in ATM Networks MS
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance of Fast Frequency-Hopped MFSK Multiple Access Systems with Modified Multistage Decoding Schemes and Diversity Combining Methods MS
Seung-Jae Bahng A Study on the Call Admission Control Schemes for DS-CDMA Systems MS
Minkyung Park A Study on the CORDIC-based Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer MS
Hong-Ku Kang BER Performance of the OFDM Systems with the Simple One-Tap Equalizer Bank under the Two-Ray Multipath Channel MS
Iltaeck Joo Performance of the Adaptive Beamforming Using the Split RLS Algorithm MS
Dongwook Lee A Study on Mobile IP Agent for Performance Enhancement in Wireless Data Networks MS
Jisoo Park A Study on Per-Class/VC Buffer Management Scheme for Multi-QoS Services in ATM Switching Systems MS
Seokjoo Shin A Novel Multimedia Transmission Protocol for the Third Generation Packet Radio Networks MS
Sungdon Moon Performance Analysis of Coded OMC-CDMA on Multipath Fading Channels MS
Euchan Kim Channel Assignment Schemes for Handoff in the Voice/Data CDMA Systems MS
Youngsun Kim BER Performance for Burst-mode QPSK Transmission with Frequency Offset Estimator MS
Hyunduk Kang Rate Management in Integrated Voice/Data DS-CDMA Systems MS
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