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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Chang-Yeul Huh Performance Analysis of Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes Systems for High Data Rate Wireless Communication MS 2008.02.24
Hyun-Ju Lee Performance Analysis of Output-Queued Optical Packet Switch Employing Output Variable All-Optical Buffers in Asynchronous Networks MS 2008.02.24
Changho Yun Efficient Pre-allocation Based Media Access Control Protocols for Passive Star Coupled Wavelength Division Multiple Access Networks Ph.D. 2007.08.24
Kwanglak Jung Simple Fusion with Low Complexity for Distributed Multitarget Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2007.08.24
Sang-Ho Lee Localization with Mobile Beacons in Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2007.08.24
Wan-Su Lim Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation using Adaptive Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks MS 2007.08.24
Youngtae Noh Basestation-Aided Clustering Routing Protocol Considering the Coverage-Preserving Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2007.02.24
Saewoom Lee Hybrid Key Scheme for Secure Data Transmission with the LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2007.02.14
KIM, CHUNG SAN Recursive Localization with a Few Beacon Nodes in Large-Scale Sensor Networks MS 2007.02.14
Hyunduk Kang Sink Capacity and Antenna Beamforming of Wireless CDMA Sensor Networks Ph.D. 2006.02.24
Jintae Park Study on Decision Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks under e-contaminated Gaussian Noise Channels MS 2006.02.24
Seok Woo Energy Efficient MAC Protocol with Transmission Power Control for Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2006.02.24
Seungho Bae Empirical Strategies based on the Histogram Information for Decentralized Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks MS 2006.02.24
Kanghee Kim Qos Aware MAC-based Cross-layer Resource Management in Large-scale Pervasive Access Networking Ph.D. 2005.02.24
Jeungmin Joo Analysis of Frequency-hopped Spread Spectrum Multiple Access Systems under Fading Channels Ph.D. 2005.02.24
Miheung Choe Spectrum Placement Issues in Robust Bandpass Sampling for Software Defined Radios Ph.D. 2005.02.24
Mohmmad Anas QoS Aware Subcarrier and Power Allocation in OFDMA Systems for Broadband Wireless Application MS 2005.02.24
Jisang You Effects of Frequency Offsets in OFDMA Up-link and Capacity Analysis of the OFDMA-CDMA Ranging Subsystem for Next Generation Communications MS 2005.02.24
Youngwook Lee LOT-OFDM Systems for Broadband Wireless Communications in the Frequency Offset Induced Channels MS 2005.02.24
Chiho Lee Analysis on the Capacity Enhancement Using FEC and ARQ Schemes in Integrated Voice/Data DS-CDMA System MS 1998.02.24
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