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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Minh Tuan Nguyen Machine Learning-Based Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrest for Automated External Defibrillator Ph.D. 2018.08.17 Link icon
Kim Seong Kyu Analysis of Anti-Jamming Performance of FH-FDMA / FH-MF-TDMA OBP Satellite Communication System under PBNJ and FNJ MS 2018.08.17 Link icon
Kyungae Yoon Classification improvement for a P300 speller brain-computer interface Ph.D. 2018.02.20 Link icon
Kim Yura Performance Improvement of Link-16 Receiver in the Presence of Jamming MS 2018.02.20 Link icon
Kihong Ahn An analytical framework for modelling Quality of Service in EV charing with multi-class customers MS 2017.08.18 Link icon
Tae Seok LEE Analysis of DS-CDMA Receivers using the Robust PCA against Multi-Tone Jam ming for LMS Channels MS 2017.02.24 Link icon
Abbas Mehrabi Applications of Mixed Optimization Models in Communications :From Mobile Computing to Smart Grids Ph.D. 2017.02.24 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Performance Analysis of Two-Hop Cooperative Networks with Single Relay Selection under Realistic Environments Ph.D. 2016.08.25
Jaewook Kang Bayesian Message-Passing Recovery for Compressed Sensing: Algorithm Construction and Performance Ph.D. 2016.02.25
Byunghak Kong Methodology for Hypertension Diagnosis from PPG only using PCA for Preventive Healthcare MS 2016.02.25
Aresh Dadlani Modeling and Refinement of Spreading Processes over Complex Networks Ph.D. 2015.08.25
Jeehoon Lee Reliability Improvement of Cooperative Relay Networks under Time-Varying Channels Ph.D. 2015.08.25
Saewoom Lee Security Enhanced Key Schemes based on Clustering Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks Ph.D. 2015.08.25
Richard O. Afolabi Spectrum and Power Efficient Multimedia Transmissions in OFDMA Wireless Networks Ph.D. 2015.02.25
Jihoon, Kim Fractal Modulation and Anti-Jamming Performance Evaluation under the Partial-Band Noise Jamming MS 2015.02.25
Roya Sadat Babaei Hybrid Motor and Speech Imagery BCI Gaming using Minimum Dry Electrodes MS 2015.02.25
Taechong Cho Tumor Pathophysiology and Micro Meningioma Localization Using Hydrogen Ions Diffusion and pH Measurement MS 2015.02.25
Kim Junhui Performance of Follower Tone Jamming Considering Practical Tracking Parameters against Frequency Hopping Systems MS 2015.02.25
Ahsan Shahzad Quantitative Fall-Risk Estimation using a Wearable Tri-axial Accelerometer MS 2014.08.25
Jaeuk Byun Dynamic State Estimation for Multi-platform and Multi-sensor Fusion MS 2014.08.25
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