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Doctoral dissertation & Master thesis
Author Title Degree Graduation Date Link
Sangjo Yoo Modeling and Analysis of 5G Channels: Geometry-Based Stochastic Channel Model Point of View Ph.D. 2019.02.15 Link icon
Minh Tuan Nguyen Machine Learning-Based Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrest for Automated External De fibrillator Ph.D. 2018.08.17 Link icon
Kim Seong Kyu Gait Analysis of Elderly People with Mild Cognitive Impairment using Shank Mounted Inertial Sensor MS 2018.08.17 Link icon
Kyungae Yoon Classification improvement for a P300 speller brain-computer interface Ph.D. 2018.02.20 Link icon
Kim Yura Performance Improvement of Link-16 Receiver in the Presence of Jamming MS 2018.02.20 Link icon
Kihong Ahn An analytical framework for modelling Quality of Service in EV charing wi th multi-class customers MS 2017.08.18 Link icon
Tae Seok LEE Analysis of DS-CDMA Receivers using the Robust PCA against Multi-Tone Jam ming for LMS Channels MS 2017.02.24 Link icon
Abbas Mehrabi Applications of Mixed Optimization Models in Communications : From Mobile Computing to Smart Grids Ph.D. 2017.02.24 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Performance Analysis of Two-Hop Cooperative Networks with Single Relay Selection under Realistic Environments Ph.D. 2016.08.25 Link icon
Jaewook Kang Bayesian Message-Passing Recovery for Compressed Sensing: Algorithm Construction and Performance/ Ph.D. 2016.02.25 Link icon
Rianne Yulinda Sualang Study of Electromagnetic Wave Effects on the Human Head MS 2014.02.19
Binh Van Nguyen Single Relay Selection for Two-Hop Cooperative Communications under Interference Environments MS 2012.08.24
Sang-Ho Lee Range-free Localization: Mobile Beacon and Multi-hop Problems Ph.D. 2012.08.24
Sangjo Yoo Geometry-Based Stochastic Models for MIMO Fading Channels MS 2012.08.24 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Constrained Integer Least Squares Problems in Digital Communications: Search Algorithm and Complexity Analysis Ph.D. 2012.02.24
Todor Mladenov Raptor Codes: The Implementation Point of View Ph.D. 2011.08.24
Seok Woo Stability Analysis of Random Early Detection Active Queue Management Scheme for Congestion Control in Next-Generation Networks Ph.D. 2011.02.24
Taesik Cho Performance Evaluation and Analysis of Radio on Fiber Systems for Broadband Convergence Networks Ph.D. 2011.02.24
Euchan Kim Three-Dimensional Localization with Mobile Beacon-based Distance Estimation and Multidimensional Scaling-based Position Estimation Ph.D. 2011.02.24
Su-Jung Yoo Adaptive Rate Network Coding using Raptor Codes for Large Wireless Relay Networks MS 2011.02.24
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