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Ph.D Students

Name [Kyungae Yoon]
Education Master at GIST (2003)
Research interest Brain-Computer Interface
Machine Learning
Convex Optimization
Contact 062-715-2252
E-mail kyungaeyoon(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Sangjo Yoo]
Education Master at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (2012)
Career Aalto University, Finland Visiting Researcher (24.9.2015 ~ 6.4.2016)
IEEE TCOM/TWC, Hindawi MIS Reviewer (2013 ~ )
Research interest Mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulator development for mobile wireless channels
Anti-jamming satellite communications
V2V communications
Contact 062-715-2264
E-mail asapyoo(at)gist.ac.kr
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sangjo-yoo/25/983/782
Name [Hyoyoung Jung]
Education Master at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (2013)
Research interest Information Theory
Estimation Theory
Probability theory and Statistics
Estimation fusion and tracking filtering
Contact 062-715-2285
E-mail rain(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Yonghun Kim]
Education Master at The Gwangju Institue of Science and Technology (2013)
Research interest Applied Underwater Acoustics
Underwater Sensor Networks
Maritime IoT and Data Fusion
Contact 062-715-2252
E-mail mizpah(at)gist.ac.kr
Homepage https://sites.google.com/site/kimyh137/
Name [Minh Tuan Nguyen]
Education Master at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam (2008)
Research interest Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Bio-signal Processing
Machine learning, Optimization
Contact 010-2697-4932
E-mail nguyenminhtuan(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Donghyeon Kim]
Education Bachelor at Chungnam National University (2012)
Research interest Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
Bio-medical Signal Processing
Neural Engineering
Contact 062-715-2252
E-mail dhkim518(at)gist.ac.kr
Homepage https://sites.google.com/site/donydonkim/
Name [Ahsan Shahzad]
Education Bachelor at University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan (2009)
Research interest Gait Analysis, Biomedical Signal Processing, Body-worn Healthcare systems, Falls Detection, Risk Estimation and Prevention in Elderly People
Contact 062-715-2264
E-mail ahsanshahzad(at)gist.ac.kr
Career Center For Advanced Studies in Telecommunication (CAST), CIIT, Islamabad, Pakistan Research Associate (2013 ~ 2015)
Research interest Cooperative communication in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Localization in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Contact --
E-mail naveedilyas(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Andres Caceres ]
Education Master at Kyungsung University (2016)
Research interest 5G, Radio over Fiber, Vehicle communication
Contact --
E-mail andrescn(at)gist.ac.kr

MS Students

Education Bachelor at Universirt of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. (Faisalabad Campus) (2010)
Research interest Bio Medical Signal Processing
Contact 010-2773-8909
E-mail mariamahsan(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Kim Seong Kyu]
Education Bachelor at Keimyung University (2016)
Contact 062-715-2264
E-mail seongkyu(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Kim Yura]
Education Bachelor at Kumoh national Institute of Technology (2015)
Research interest Military communication
Contact 062-715-2252
E-mail yura1518(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Lee, Jung uk]
Education Bachelor at Hanyang University (ERICA) (2017)
Contact --
E-mail julee1017(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Kim won kyu]
Education Bachelor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology(Seoultech) (2017)
Contact --
E-mail kwk21207(at)gist.ac.kr
Name [Lee, Kyeung-jin]
Education Bachelor at KOREA University Sejong Campus (2017)
Contact --
E-mail rudwls362(at)gist.ac.kr

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