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Research Field
Electronic Warfare
Research on frequency hopping military satellite communication systems with active transponders for electronic warfare
  Sponsor : Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA)
  Project Leader : Sangjo Yoo
  Project Participants : Jaewook Kang, Junhui Kim
  Project Introdection :
    In modern warfare, wireless communications not only enable individual forces to be networked and coordinated through timely transmissions of tactic information in military networks. However, as the communication medium is also open to enemies, the wireless communication links are exposed to electronic attacks, such as information interception or jamming. Also military communications are now expected to support high data rate (HDR) (bandwidth efficient) communications as the military entities become network-centric and exchange real-time heavy information such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) data. In this project, our aim is to develop a military satellite communication system having robust anti-jamming (AJ) capabilities while providing high data rate and fine synchronization to support modern electronic warfare. To achieve these objectives, we are currently working on several research topics but not limited to:
- Land mobile satellite channels
- Frequency hopping communication
- Diversity combining and channel coding
- Multiple access schemes for MILSATCOMs
- Active transponders and On-board-processing technologies
Study on next generation jamming/LPI scenarios and electronic warfare systems
  Sponsor : Korea Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
  Project Leader : Jeehoon Lee
  Project Participants (active participants) : Hyoyong Jung, Jihoon Kim
  Key Research Objectives (including research contents) :
    This project is researching on next generation jamming/LPI scenarios and electronic warfare (EW) systems. EW refers to any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack and energy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target humans, communications, radar, or other assets.

In this project, our aims are to secure anti-jamming technologies for reliable communications in jamming environments and develop LPI (Low probability of intercept) systems for coping with ratio disturbance. Our research contents are as follows:
- Technical development of LPI-oriented correlated waveform sequence.
- Research on anti-jamming chaos time-hopping technologies.
- Technical development fractal spread spectrum with LPI features and anti-jamming/LPI fusion

system construction.

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