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Research Field
Underwater Communications
- Coastal Acoustic Tomography
Tomography is derived from "tomos" which means "a slice" or "a cutting", and graphein which means "to draw" or "to write". Research of acoustic tomography starts with the understanding of sound propagation in a inhomogeneous medium. The medium is characterized by several hydrological phenomenon like temperature, salinity and sea current. Temperature, salinity, and sea current are obtained through acoustic tomography.
- Localization Techniques for underwater acoustic sensor networks (UASN)
In localization issues, finding sensor nodes accurately is big issues. To achieve better location accuracy and real time monitoring, range-based scheme and distributed localization are appropriate for underwater monitoring system. Considering acoustic ray paths, we could get better accuracy of location.
- Time reversal signal processing
In underwater communications, it is important to send marine information efficiently. However, this is quite challenging problem itself since the underwater acoustic communication must deal with ISI caused by the time-varying, scattering, and ocean environment. Time reversal is communication system takes advantage of its ability to focus sound without a priori information of the ocean. the time reversal signal processing can mitigate the ISI and maximize SNR
Current Projects
Development of management system of underwater location information for multiple smart buoy  
Sponsor: National Research Foundation, Korea (NRF)
Project Leader: Yonghun Kim
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