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Kiseon Kim AMR-SENSOR-KJIST-2002-9 대한민국 특허
Kiseon Kim AMR-COLLECTOR-KJIST-2002-9 대한민국 특허
Kiseon Kim AMR-VIEWER-KJIST-2002-9 대한민국 특허
Kiseon Kim AMR-SENSORDVK-KJIST-2002-10 대한민국 특허
Kiseon Kim AMR-SMALLSERVER-KJIST-2002-10 대한민국 특허
Hong-Ku Kang One-Tap Equalizer Bank for the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System 대한민국 특허
Hyunjae Kim A Signal Receiver of an OFDM System and Methods 대한민국 특허
Seunggeun Kim Table Lookup Based Phase Calculator with Normalization of Input Operands for High-Speed communication 대한민국 특허
Kiseon Kim 인터리브된 라이시안 페이딩 채널에 적합한 비동기식 다중격자 부호화 연속 위상 변조기의 격자 부호화기 설계방법 대한민국 특허
Hong-Ku Kang Method for sub-channel allocation of OFDM and its program stored recording medium 대한민국 특허
Seunggeun Kim Method and Apparatus for Joint Phase Offset and Frequency Offset Estimator for MPSK Transmission 대한민국 특허
Chiho Lee Power Control method and Received Signal Detection Order Allocation Method in Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme of DS/CDMA Systems 대한민국 특허
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