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Title Warm-hearted, Prof. Kiseon Kim
Author 김성규
Hit 1246 Date 2016-12-17 01:11

[In English]

On August 3rd, 2016 Professor Kiseon Kim made a generous donation of 100 million won towards scholarships to GIST. He did this in order to express his love for students and contribute to training students who all have a good ability of science and technology.


 Prof. Kim said, “I am feeling deep affection for our GIST students passion to acquire scholarships.” He also stated “I reached the age of sixty this year and want to contribute to the effort so that students can research and study in a better environment.”


 The scholarship donated by Prof. Kim will be used in the GIST school of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department as well as for the master’s and doctor’s course students annually for the next five years.


On the other hand, Prof. Kim started his career as a professor in 1994, which was when GIST was established. He published 217 papers in local and foreign famous academic journals and he has made 471 academic publications and achieved excellent academic performances.


 He had served as the chief of the Education and Training Office and Research Office. He is also serving as the chief of the Electronic Warfare Research Center, the Energy Valley Technical, the Gwangju Digital Consumer Electronics Center, the Korea-Russia MT-IT Center etc, he has contributed to the development of national science and technology as well as to GIST. 


[In Korean]

 2016년 8월 3일에 김기선 교수님께서 제자사랑을 실천하고 과학기술 핵심두뇌 양성을 위해 1억원의 장학금을 GIST에 약정 기탁하셨습니다.


 김기선 교수님은 "우리 GIST 학생들의 학문에 대한 열정이 더욱 뜨거워 지고 있어 깊은 애정을 느끼고 있다"며 "올해 60세 환갑을 맞이하여 제자 학생들이 더 좋은 환경에서 연구 및 수학 할 수 있도록 배려하고 싶어 기부한다"고 기부 동기를 밝히셨습니다.


 김기선 교수님이 기탁한 장학금은 향후 5년 동안 매년 GIST 전기전자컴퓨터공학부 및 석·박사과정 학생들에게 소중하게 사용 될 예정입니다.


 한편, GIST 설립 초기인 1994년 부임한 김기선 교수님은 국내외 저명 학술지에 논문 217편을 게재하고 471편의 학술 발표를 진행하는 등 우수한 학술 실적을 거두었셨습니다.


 또한 GIST 교학처장, 연구처장, 전자전특화연구센터장, 에너지벨리기술원장, 광주디지털가전부품개발지원센터장, 한-러 해양정보통신융합기술센터장 등을 맡아 GIST는 물론 국가 과학기술 발전에 기여해 오셨습니다.  

광주과학기술원 한·러 MT-IT 융합기술연구센터 광주과학기술원정보통신공학부