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멤버사진 Warm-hearted, Prof. Kiseon Kim
김성규      [2016-12-17]     
[In English]On August 3rd, 2016 Professor Kiseon Kim made a generous donation of 100 million won towards scholarships to GIST. He did this in order to express his love for students and contribute to training students who all have a good ability of science and technology. ... [More]
멤버사진 “Kiseon Kim Scholarship” will be established next year
김성규      [2016-12-16]     
[In English]▶ The 51 alumni including Dr. Chiho Lee, researcher at the Agency for Defense Development, contributed 10 million won towards the scholarship for their juniors at the "GIST Hall of Fame Ceremony" that was held on December 14.  ▶ Professor Kiseon Kim m... [More]
멤버사진 Homecoming Day 2016
Binh      [2016-05-20]     
We and our alumni gathered on the CSNLs homecoming day 2016 to express a sincerely thank to our beloved prof. Kim. We wish prof. Kim good health and more success in his outstanding career. [More]
멤버사진 An Invitation for CSNL Homecoming Day 2016
Binh      [2016-05-06]     
존경하는 센서통신연구실 선배님들께,   안녕하세요. 저는 현재 김기선 교수님 연구실에서 장을 맡고 있는 김용훈이라고 합니다.   다가오는 5월에 있을 홈커밍데이 행사를 간략하게 안내하고자 다음과 같은 메일 보냅니다.   l  홈커밍데이 행사 안내 “2016년 센서통신연구실 홈커밍데이”에 여러분을 초청합니다!   겨울 추위로 몸이 움츠려지던, 지난 계절을 지나 어느덧 따뜻한 봄이 찾아왔습니다. ... [More]
멤버사진 IWEEM 2016, Gwangju, Korea
Binh      [2016-03-17]     
We sincerely thank Prof. Kim for taking us to the International Workshop on Efficient Energy Management, where we have learned new trends as well as research activities on "Renewable Energy" all around the world. [More]
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