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멤버사진 CSNLs Progress Report
Binh      [2015-09-17]     
멤버사진 CSNLs Progress Report, March 6th 2015
Binh      [2015-03-09]     
멤버사진 Graduation Ceremony, Spring 2015.
Binh      [2015-02-27]     
Congratulate to Richard, Taechong, Jihoon, Junhi, and Roya. They did great jobs to get their PhD and MS degrees. Especially, Richard won the BEST RESEARCHER AWARD. It is so amazing, isnt it?We wish you guys a future with full of success. All ... [More]
멤버사진 CSNLs membership training at High1 resort, winter 2015.
Binh      [2015-02-04]     
We sincerely thank Hyoyoung and CSNLs junior members for preparing our MT. [More]
멤버사진 [CSNL]Graduation Party
정효영      [2014-10-06]     
On Monday August 25th, 2014.We had the graduation party to celebrate the graduation of Jaeuk Byun and Ahsan.Congratuation, dear Ahsan, and Byunjae. [More]
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