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멤버사진 [CSNL]Graduation Party
정효영      [2014-10-06]     
On Monday August 25th, 2014.We had the graduation party to celebrate the graduation of Jaeuk Byun and Ahsan.Congratuation, dear Ahsan, and Byunjae. [More]
멤버사진 [CSNL] Recording events for advertising GIST
정효영      [2014-10-06]     
On Monday October 6th, 2014,We have a recording schedule with the GIST advertisement team for advertising GIST.We recorded how student are researching EWRC (Electronic Warfare Research Center), U-IT (for monitoring the system of farming seaweeds), and BCI (Brain Computer Inter... [More]
정효영      [2014-09-26]     
After the 2014 GIST sports day, our SIC (School of Information and communications) provided 삼겹살 (pork belly) and some drinks. [More]
멤버사진 CSNL Progress report 2014
유상조      [2014-07-10]     
CSNL progress report 2014 has been successfully ended.  [More]
멤버사진 Jaeuk Byun and Ahsan Shahzad have finished their MS defense [2]
Binh      [2014-06-03]     
Congratulations! [More]
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