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Title Delay Analysis of Orderly Reattempts in Retrial Queueing System with Phase Type Retrial Time
Journal Name IEEE Commun. Lett.
First Author M. S. Kumar
Coauthor K. Sohraby, and K. Kim
Publication Date 2013.05.27 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) 1.16 Date 2013-09-09 21:41
Retrial queueing systems play a major role in many communication systems. The delay analysis of such systems poses an interesting problem in communication engineering. This has motivated us to analyze the waiting time distribution of multi-server retrial queueing system with phase type retrial ime, impatience and Bernoulli abandonments. The impact of etrial time on waiting time and other system characteristics is nalyzed by determining the waiting time distribution. Numerical
examples are presented to reveal the impact of the parameters.
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