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Title Designing Anti-Jamming Receivers for NR-DCSK Systems Utilizing ICA, WPD, and VMD Methods
Journal Name IEEE Trans. Circuits Sys. II, Express Briefs
First Author Binh Van Nguyen
Coauthor Minh Tuan Nguyen, Hyoyoung Jung, Kiseon Kim
Publication Date 2019.01.08 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) 2.45 Date 2019-02-25 10:22
In this work, we consider an advanced noise reduction differential chaotic shift keying (NR-DCSK) system in which a single antenna source communicates with a single antenna destination under the attack of a single antenna jammer. We design an anti-jamming (AJ) receiver for the considered system. Particularly, we propose a variational mode decomposition -independent component analysis -wavelet packet decomposition (VMD-ICA-WPD) structure, in which VMD method is firstly exploited to generate multiple signals from the single received one. Secondly, ICA method is applied to coarsely separate chaotic and jamming signals. After that, WPD method is used to finely estimate and mitigate jamming signals that exist on all outputs of ICA method. Finally, an inverse ICA procedure is carried out, followed by a summation, and the outcome is passed through the conventional correlation receiver for recovering the transmitted information. Simulation results show that the proposed receiver provides significant system performance enhancement compared to that given by the conventional counterparts.
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