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Title Physical Layer Security Schemes for Full-Duplex Cooperative Systems: State of the Art and Beyond
Journal Name IEEE Communications Magazine
First Author Binh Van Nguyen
Coauthor Hyoyoung Jung, and Kiseon Kim
Publication Date 2018.02.10 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) 10.4 Date 2018-04-12 11:33
As an alternative to complex cryptographic
techniques, PLS is emerging as a promising para-
digm to protect wireless communication systems
from eavesdropping attacks by exploiting the
physical characteristics of the wireless channels.
Among various PLS approaches, the one based
on cooperative communication is favorable and
has received a lot of interest from the research
community. Although PLS schemes with half-du-
plex relays have been extensively researched, the
issue of PLS in cooperative systems with full-du-
plex (FD) relays is far from being comprehensive-
ly understood. In this article, we first present the
state of the art on PLS approaches proposed for
FD cooperative systems. We then provide a case
study in which a source-based jamming scheme is
proposed to enhance the secrecy performance of
a cooperative system with an untrusted FD relay.
Finally, we outline several interesting yet challeng-
ing future research problems in this topic.
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