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Title Performance Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network with an Energy Harvesting Secondary Transmitter under Nakagami-m Fading
Journal Name IEEE Access
First Author Binh Van Nguyen
Coauthor Hyoyoung Jung, Dongsoo Har, and Kiseon Kim
Publication Date 2018.01.10 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) 3.244 Date 2018-04-12 11:30
In this paper, we consider an overlay cognitive radio
network, in which a secondary transmitter (ST) is willing to
relay the information of a primary transmitter toward a primary
receiver. In return, ST can access the licensed band to send
its own information superimposed with the primary signal to a
secondary receiver. The power-limited ST uses a power splitting
protocol to harvest energy from its received signal to increase its
transmit power. We analyze the performance of the primary and
the secondary systems under independent Nakagami-m fading
by deriving their corresponding outage probabilities in integral-
based expressions. In addition, by considering the high signal-
to-noise ratio, we obtain very tight closed-form approximations
of the outage probabilities. Thereafter, by further analyzing the
approximations, we reveal novel insights on the diversity orders
and coding gains of the two systems. Our analytical results are
validated through extensive Monte-Carlo simulations.
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