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Title Performance Analysis of AnF Systems with Single Relay Selection in Correlated Environments
Journal Name Sensors
First Author Binh Van Nguyen
Coauthor Kiseon Kim
Publication Date 2016.09.11 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) 2.033 Date 2017-05-23 15:26
In this paper, we consider amplify-and-forward (AnF) cooperative systems under correlated fading environments. We first present a brief overview of existing works on the effect of channel correlations on the system performance. We then focus on our main contribution which is analyzing the outage probability of a multi-AnF-relay system with the best relay selection (BRS) scheme under a condition that two channels of each relay, source-relay and relay-destination channels, are correlated. Using lower and upper bounds on the end-to-end received signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the destination, we derive corresponding upper and lower bounds on the system outage probability. We prove that the system can achieve a diversity order (DO) equal to the number of relays. In addition, and importantly, we show that the considered correlation form has a constructive effect on the system performance. In other words, the larger the correlation coefficient, the better system performance. Our analytic results are corroborated by extensive Monte-Carlo simulations.
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