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Title On the outage performance of selection amplify-and-forward relaying scheme
Journal Name IEEE Commun. Lett.
First Author Jeehoon Lee
Coauthor K. Kim
Publication Date 2014.03.01 Link Link icon
Impact Factor (%) Date 2014-06-25 15:19
In this letter, we propose a selection amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying scheme which has the loweroutage probability than that of a conventional AF relaying scheme in cooperative relay networks. In real wireless environments, as the channel of source-to-destination (SD) link varies with an increase in time, we can also obtain a diversity gain through the SD link by retransmission in common with a conventional AF relaying scheme. Thus, we can expect a performance enhancement by adaptively determining the transmitting node between the relaying and source nodes. We propose a method for adaptively determining between AF relaying and retransmission schemes, and show that the additional diversity gain can be obtained by the proposed scheme.
광주과학기술원 한·러 MT-IT 융합기술연구센터 광주과학기술원정보통신공학부