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International Journal
First Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Link
Wooncheol Hwang Performance Analysis of OFDM on the Shadowed Multipath Channels IEEE Trans. Consum. Electron. 1998.11.01 Link icon
Hakyong Kim Throughput analysis of bifurcated input-queued packet switches with restricted contention Electron. Lett. 1998.08.20 Link icon
Dongwook Lee Virtual circuit connection method for RSVP multicasting supporting heterogeneous receivers on the ATM network Electron. Lett. 1998.07.23 Link icon
Chiho Lee Capacity Enhancement Using an ARQ Scheme in a Voice/Data DS-CDMA System Electron. Lett. 1998.02.19 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang Capacity plane of CDMA system for multimedia Traffic Electron. Lett. 1997.08.14 Link icon
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