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International Journal
First Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Link
Taesik Cho Analysis of CNR Penalty of Radio over Fiber Systems including the Effects of Phase Noise from Laser and RF Oscillator J. Lightw. Technol. 2005.12.12 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang On Blocking Probability of Multi-Beam CDMA Systems using SBF Array Antennas Wireless Personal Communications 2005.10.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Performance Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-MA Systems with a Linear-Combining Receiver in Rayleigh Fading IEICE Trans. Commun. 2005.08.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-MA Systems with a Hard-Limited Combining in Rayleigh Fading IEEE Commun. Lett. 2005.04.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Effects of Frequency and Timing Offsets on the FFH-MA System Over a Rician Fading Channel IEICE Trans. Commun. 2005.04.01 Link icon
Miheung Choe Bandpass Sampling Algorithm with Normal and Inverse Placements for Multiple RF Signals IEICE Trans. Commun. 2005.02.23 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang Performance of Cellular CDMA Systems Using SBF and TBF Array Antennas Under Multi-Cell Environment IEICE Trans. Fund. 2004.12.01 Link icon
Insoo Koo Erlang Capacity of Multi-Access Systems with Service-based Access Selection IEEE Commun. Lett. 2004.11.01 Link icon
Chiho Lee Effect of Chip Waveforms on the Detection Performance of the Energy Detector in DS/SS Communications IEICE Trans. Fund. 2004.09.01 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang Dynamic Resource Allocation Scheme in Multi-service CDMA Systems IEICE Trans. Commun. 2004.09.01 Link icon
Gwangzeen Ko Performance Analysis of the ATM Adaptation Layer 2 Int. J Electron. Commun. (AEU) 2004.07.27 Link icon
Youngsun Kim Approximation Error Analysis for Coherent EGC Receiver under Nakagami-m Fading Channels IEICE Trans. Commun. 2004.06.01 Link icon
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance Comparison of Fast FH-FDMA Systems with Diversity Combining Receivers under Multitone Interferences IEICE Trans. Commun. 2004.05.01 Link icon
Sungdon Moon BER Performance of Satellite On-Board Processing Techniques with FH-MFSK Modulation under Various Interferences IEICE Trans. Commun. 2004.05.01 Link icon
Wooncheol Hwang Approximation of SNR Degradation due to Carrier Frequency Offset for OFDM in Shadowed Multipath Channels IEEE Commun. Lett. 2003.12.01 Link icon
Wooncheol Hwang Sensitivity of SNR Degradation of OFDM to Carrier Frequency Offset in Shadowed Two-Path Channels IEICE Trans. Commun. 2003.12.01 Link icon
Su-Won Lee Delay and Data Rate Decoupled Fair Queueing for Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks Computer Communications 2003.11.01 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang Interlaced Frequency Division Duplexing Scheme for OFDM Systems Using Feedback Information IEICE Trans. Commun. 2003.09.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Sensitivity Analysis of Fast Frequency Hopping Multiple Access Systems due to the Frequency Offset under Rician Fading IEICE Trans. Commun. 2003.09.01 Link icon
Insoo Koo QoS-Sensitive Admission Policy for Non-Real-Time Data Packets in Voice/Data Integrated CDMA Systems Computer Communications 2003.07.21 Link icon
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