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First Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Link
Wan-Su Lim Burst-Polling Based Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation using Adaptive Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth for EPONs IEEE/OSA JOCN 2009.12.01 Link icon
Dong-Hun Lee Error Probability Analysis of Combining Space-Time Block Coding and Scheduling in MIMO Systems IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 2009.12.01 Link icon
Wan-Su Lim Average BER analysis of SCM-based free-space optical systems by considering the effect of IM3 with OSSB signals under turbulence channels Optics Express 2009.11.09 Link icon
Sang-Ho Lee Localization with a Mobile Beacon Based on Geometric Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. 2009.09.07 Link icon
Wan-Su Lim BER performance analysis of radio over free-space optical systems considering laser phase noise under Gamma-Gamma turbulence channels Optics Express 2009.03.16 Link icon
Seokjin Sung Packet Delay and Energy Consumption Based on Markov Chain Model of the Frame-Based S-MAC Protocol under Unsaturated Conditions LNCS 2008.11.20 Link icon
Seok Woo APC-MAC/TA: Adaptive Power Controlled MAC Protocol with Traffic Awareness for Wireless Sensor Networks IEICE Trans. Commun. 2008.09.01 Link icon
Changho Yun Design and Performance Analysis of Multimedia Pre-Allocation WDMA MAC Protocol for Metro-WDMA Networks IEICE Trans. Commun. 2008.08.10 Link icon
Seokjin Sung Energy Consumption Analysis of the S-MAC Protocol with Contending Nodes under Unsaturated Conditions IEICE Trans. Commun. 2008.04.01 Link icon
N. P. Mahalik A Prototype for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of a Distributed Control Architecture IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C 2008.02.15 Link icon
Dmitry Kramarev Type-based Detection with a Fusion Center Performing the Sequential Test in Wireless Sensor Networks IEICE Trans. Commun. 2007.12.01 Link icon
Seokjin Sung Performance Analysis of CDMA Mobile System Employing LPA Smart Antenna IEICE Trans. Commun. 2007.01.01 Link icon
Changho Yun Analysis of throughput in M-WDMA MAC protocol for WDMA networks IEICE Trans. Commun. 2007.01.01 Link icon
Taesik Cho Optimization of Radio-on-Fiber Systems Employing ODSB Signals by Utilizing a Dual-Electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulator against IM3 IEEE Photon. Technol. Lett. 2006.05.01 Link icon
Taesik Cho Effect of Third-Order Intermodulation on Radio-over-Fiber Systems by a Dual-Electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulator with ODSB and OSSB Signals J. Lightw. Technol. 2006.05.01 Link icon
Changho Yun Performance Analysis of Modified Accelerative Pre-allocation MAC Protocol for Passive Star Coupled WDMA Networks J. Lightw. Technol. 2006.04.01 Link icon
Taesik Cho Analysis of CNR Penalty of Radio over Fiber Systems including the Effects of Phase Noise from Laser and RF Oscillator J. Lightw. Technol. 2005.12.12 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang On Blocking Probability of Multi-Beam CDMA Systems using SBF Array Antennas Wireless Personal Communications 2005.10.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Performance Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-MA Systems with a Linear-Combining Receiver in Rayleigh Fading IEICE Trans. Commun. 2005.08.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-MA Systems with a Hard-Limited Combining in Rayleigh Fading IEEE Commun. Lett. 2005.04.01 Link icon
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