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First Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Link
Jaewook Kang Fast Signal Separation of 2-D Sparse Mixture via Approximate Message-Passing IEEE Sig. Process. Lett. 2015.11.01 Link icon
Abbas Mehrabi Maximizing Data Collection Throughput on a Path in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks Using a Mobile Sink IEEE Trans. on Mob. Comput. 2015.04.10 Link icon
Jaewook Kang Bayesian Hypothesis Test using Nonparametric Belief Propagation for Noisy Sparse Recovery IEEE Trans. Sig. Process. 2015.02.15 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani Stability and Immunization Analysis of a Malware Spread Model over Scale-free Networks IEEE Comm. Lett. 2014.10.03 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani System Dynamics of a Refined Epidemic Model for Infection Propagation over Complex Networks IEEE Systems Journal 2014.05.08 Link icon
Richard O. Afolabi Amortized Weighted Averaging For Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Systems IEEE Commun. Lett. 2014.03.07 Link icon
Jeehoon Lee On the outage performance of selection amplify-and-forward relaying scheme IEEE Commun. Lett. 2014.03.01 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Dependence of Outage Probability of Cooperative Systems with Single Relay Selection on Channel Correlation IEEE Commun. Lett. 2013.11.25 Link icon
M. S. Kumar Delay Analysis of Orderly Reattempts in Retrial Queueing System with Phase Type Retrial Time IEEE Commun. Lett. 2013.05.27 Link icon
Richard O. Afolabi Multicast Scheduling and Resource Allocation Algorithms for OFDMA-Based Systems: A Survey IEEE Commun. Surveys Tuts. 2013.03.07 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Lower Bound on Expected Complexity of Depth-First Tree Search with Multiple Radii IEEE Commun. Lett. 2012.06.01 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Efficient GF(256) Raptor Code Decoding for Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services and Consumer Terminals IEEE Trans. Consum. Electron. 2012.05.31 Link icon
Georgy L. Shevlyakov Asymptotically minimax bias estimation of the correlation coefficient for bivariate independent component distributions Journal of Multivariate Analysis 2012.05.11 Link icon
Sang-Ho Lee Localization with a Mobile Beacon in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Sensors 2012.04.27 Link icon
Wan-Su Lim Analytical Time-Domain Model for Radio over Free Space Optical (RoFSO) Systems Considering the Scintillation Effect IEEE Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst. 2012.04.12 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Decoding of Raptor Codes on Embedded Systems Microprocessors and Microsystems 2012.02.06 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn A Near-ML Decoding with Improved Complexity over Wider Ranges of SNR and System Dimension in MIMO Systems IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. 2012.01.01 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Implementation and Evaluation of Raptor Codes on Embedded Systems IEEE Trans. Comput. 2011.12.01 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Adaptive Interference Suppression Strategies for a Satellite On-Board Filter Bank under Tone-Type Interfering Environments IEICE Trans. Commun. 2011.11.01 Link icon
Jintae Park Robust Distributed Detection with Total Power Constraint in Large Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun. 2011.07.14 Link icon
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