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First Author Title Journal Name Publication Date Link
Ahsan Shahzad FallDroid: An Automated Smart Phone based Fall Detection System using Multiple Kernel Learning IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2018.05.23 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen On the Anti-Jamming Performance of the NR-DCSK System Security and Communication Networks 2018.02.11 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Physical Layer Security Schemes for Full-Duplex Cooperative Systems: State of the Art and Beyond IEEE Communications Magazine 2018.02.10 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Performance Analysis of a Cognitive Radio Network with an Energy Harvesting Secondary Transmitter under Nakagami-m Fading IEEE Access 2018.01.10 Link icon
Minh Tuan Nguyen Shockable Rhythm Diagnosis for Automated External Defibrillators Using a Modified Variational Mode Decomposition Technique IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2017.12.09 Link icon
Ahsan Shahzad Quantitative Assessment of Balance Impairment for Fall-Risk Estimation Using Wearable Triaxial Accelerometer IEEE Sensors Journal 2017.10.15 Link icon
Yonghun Kim RAR: Real-time Acoustic Ranging in Underwater Sensor Networks IEEE Communications Letters 2017.08.11 Link icon
Kyungae Yoon Multiple kernel learning based on three discriminant features for a P300 speller BCI Neurocomputing 2017.05.10 Link icon
Donghyeon Kim Development and Experimental Validation of a Dry Non-Invasive Multi-Channel Mouse Scalp EEG Sensor through Visual Evoked Potential Recordings Sensors 2017.02.09 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani Mean-field Dynamics of Inter-switching Memes Competing over Multiplex Social Networks IEEE Communications Letters 2017.01.11 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Performance Analysis of AnF Systems with Single Relay Selection in Correlated Environments Sensors 2016.09.11 Link icon
Abbas Mehrabi General Framework for Network Throughput Maximization in Sink-based Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2016.09.09 Link icon
Sangjo Yoo Geometry-Based One-Ring Models for MIMO Systems: Modeling Accuracy Assessment and Improvement IEEE Trans. on Wireless Commun. 2016.03.16 Link icon
Binh Van Nguyen Secrecy Outage Probability of Optimal Relay Selection for Secure AnF Cooperative Networks IEEE Commun. Lett. 2015.12.08 Link icon
Jaewook Kang Fast Signal Separation of 2-D Sparse Mixture via Approximate Message-Passing IEEE Sig. Process. Lett. 2015.11.01 Link icon
Abbas Mehrabi Maximizing Data Collection Throughput on a Path in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks Using a Mobile Sink IEEE Trans. on Mob. Comput. 2015.04.10 Link icon
Jaewook Kang Bayesian Hypothesis Test using Nonparametric Belief Propagation for Noisy Sparse Recovery IEEE Trans. Sig. Process. 2015.02.15 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani Stability and Immunization Analysis of a Malware Spread Model over Scale-free Networks IEEE Comm. Lett. 2014.10.03 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani System Dynamics of a Refined Epidemic Model for Infection Propagation over Complex Networks IEEE Systems Journal 2014.05.08 Link icon
Richard O. Afolabi Amortized Weighted Averaging For Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Systems IEEE Commun. Lett. 2014.03.07 Link icon
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