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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Su-Won Lee Channel Error and Handoff Compensation Scheme for Fair Queueing Algorithms in Wireless Networks IEEE ICC 2002.07.01 Link icon
Seokjoo Shin Performance of the Packet Data Transmission Using the Other-Cell-Interference Factor in DS/CDMA Downlink IEEE WCNC 2002.03.17 Link icon
Insoo Koo QoS-Sensitive Admission Policy for Non-Real-Time Data Packets in Voice/Data Integrated CDMA Systems IEEE GLOBECOM 2001.11.25 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Performance Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-SSMA Communication Systems with Frequency Errors in Rayleigh Fading Channels IEEE MILCOM 2001.10.28 Link icon
Chiho Lee Analysis on Detection Performance of an Energy Detector for Several Chip Waveforms in a DS/SS Communication IEEE MILCOM 2001.10.28 Link icon
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance Improvement of a Fast FH-FDMA System by the Clipped-Linear Combining Receiver IEEE MILCOM 2001.10.28 Link icon
Sungdon Moon Performance of Satellite Communication System with FH-MFSK under Various Jamming Environments IEEE MILCOM 2001.10.28 Link icon
Chiho Lee Performance Analysis of a 2-Stage Groupwise Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme with Groupwise Power Disparities in DS/CDMA Systems IEEE VTC 2001.10.07 Link icon
Seokhun Cho Cell Planning for the Multi-Layered CDMA Systems Using the JTC Propagation Model CIC 2001.09.30
Jeongrok Yang Effect of Traffic Activity on the Capacity of Integrated Voice and Data CDMA Systems WPMC 2001.09.18
Kyounghwan Lee Performance of Reservation Code Multiple Access over AWGN and Rayleigh Fading Channels APCC 2001.09.17
Sungsoo Choi Architecture of the High-Speed Standard Basis Multiplier with Delay-Boxes over GF(2^m) IEEE TENCON 2001.08.19 Link icon
Hakyong Kim A Packet-Based Scheduling Algorithm for High-Speed Switches IEEE TENCON 2001.08.19 Link icon
Insoo Koo Improved Erlang Capacity of Combined Carrier Channel Assignment for Hybrid FDMA/CDMA Systems Supporting Voice and Data Services IEEE TENCON 2001.08.19 Link icon
Sungsoo Choi The Design of High-Speed Galois-Field Multiplier with Delay Boxes IEEE SCS 2001.07.10 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang Subchannel Power Control Schemes Based on the Received SNR for the OFDM System under Multipath Channels APCC 2001.07.01
Hong-Ku Kang Performance of OFDM systems with the transmitter diversity and the reciever diversity under the time-varying channel APCC 2001.07.01
Hong-Ku Kang Subchannel power controlled COFDM system for the Wireless-LAN ICCE 2001.06.19 Link icon
Wooncheol Hwang Performance of OFDM with Postdetection-Combining-Based Macrodiversity on a Shadowed Multipath Channel IEEE ICCE 2001.06.19 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang OFDM system with subchannel power control under the two-ray multipath channel ICC 2001.06.11 Link icon
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