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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Chiho Lee Detection Order Allocation for the Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme in DS/CDMA Systems ITC-CSCC 2004.07.07 Link icon
Kwang Park Effects of Timing Jitter on Prolate Spheroidal Pulse in Multiple Access Time-Hopping BPSK UWB systems ITC-CSCC 2004.07.01 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Performance Analysis of Asynchronous FFH-MA under the Presence of Frequency Offset ICCSC 2004.07.01
Miheung Choe Bandpass Sampling with Normal Placement for Multiple Distinct RF Signals IEEE 4th IASTED 2004.07.01
Changho Yun Effect of Rician Fading on MMoF Systems with Laser Phase Noise for Micro- and Macro - Cellular Applications MMWP 2004.07.01
Kwang Park Effects of Timing Jitter in TH-BPSK UWB Systems applying the FCC-Constraint Pulses under Nakagami-m Fading Channel ICCSC 2004.06.30
Yeo-Min Yoon The Performance and the Computational Complexity of the Digital Demultiplexers LNCS 2004.06.30 Link icon
Insoo Koo A Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for 1xEV-DO-like Systems LNCS 2004.06.30 Link icon
Changho Yun Performance Analysis of MMoF Systems Considering Laser Phase Noise under Rician Fading IEEE MTT-S IMS 2004.06.06 Link icon
Taesik Cho Effect of Laser and RF Oscillator Phase Noises IEEE MTT-S IMS 2004.06.06 Link icon
Kanghee Kim Providing Quality of Service in Adaptive Resource Allocation for OFDMA Systems IEEE VTC 2004.05.17 Link icon
Younghyun Kim Performance of Space-Time Block Codes with QAM under the spatially correlated channels IEEE VTC 2004.05.17 Link icon
Insoo Koo Capacity analysis of two-hop 1xEV-DO cellular systems IEEE VTC 2004.05.17 Link icon
Kanghee Kim Multiple QoS Support using M-LWDF in OFDMA Adaptive Resource Allocation IEEE LANMAN 2004.04.25 Link icon
Miheung Choe Spectrum Arrangements based on Bandpass Sampling for Digital Quadrature Demodulator WPMC 2003.10.21
Yeo-Min Yoon Comparison of the Performance and the Computational Complexity of the Digital Demultiplexers WPMC 2003.10.21 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang Minimization of Outage Probability of SBF Array Antenna CDMA Systems IEEE WPMC 2003.10.21 Link icon
Sungsoo Choi A Finite Field Invesion Circuit for High-speed Communications IEEE TENCON 2003.10.15 Link icon
Sungsoo Choi Design of B(x) mode F(x) for High-speed Communications IEEE APCC 2003.09.21 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang Delay Distribution of Data Traffic in Integrated Voice/Data CDMA Systems IASTED CSN 2003.09.08 Link icon
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