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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Taesik Cho An Exact Analytical Time-Domain Model for Nonlinear Optical Links with Mach-Zehnder Modulator and Photodetector in Dispersive Channel IEEE APCC 2006.08.31 Link icon
Changho Yun Design and performance analysis of modified accelerative pre-allocation WDMA MAC protocol for WDMA networks ITC-CSCC 2006.07.13 Link icon
Taesik Cho Performance Comparison of Two Input Schemes into a Dual Drive Mach-Zehnder Modulator in Radio-on-Fiber Systems ITC-CSCC 2006.07.12 Link icon
Taesik Cho Optimization of Radio-on-Fiber Systems Employing ODSB Signals by Utilizing a Dual-Electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulator against IM3 ICEIC 2006.06.27 Link icon
Seungho Bae Decentralized Detection with Empirically Collected Statistics in Wireless Sensor Networks ISSADS 2006.01.27
Seok Woo An Adaptive Power Controlled MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks ISSADS 2006.01.27
Hyunduk Kang Analysis of Sink Capacity for Wireless Multi-Hop Sensor Networks with a Layered Architecture WPMC 2005.09.22 Link icon
Miheung Choe Multi-Channel Bandpass Sampling with Inverse Placement in Software Definded Radio WPMC 2005.09.20 Link icon
Jintae Park A Robust Trimmed EGC Fusion Rule in Wireless Sensor Networks over Non-Gaussian and Fading Channels WPMC 2005.09.20 Link icon
Seungho Bae Empirical Approach for Decentralized Sequential Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks WPMC 2005.09.20 Link icon
Jisang You Capacity evaluation of the OFDMA-CDMA ranging subsystem in IEEE 802.16-2004 IEEE WiMob 2005.08.22 Link icon
Insoo Koo Performance Analysis of Random Access Channel in OFDMA Systems IEEE ICW 2005.08.01 Link icon
Seokjin Sung Random Access Scheme based on Adaptive Resource Allocation and Access Probability in OFDMA System 4GMF 2005.07.07
Insoo Koo Erlang Capacity of Voice/Data CDMA Systems with Service Requirements of Blocking Probability and Delay Constraint ICN 2005.04.01 Link icon
Miheung Choe Spectrum Arrangement of Multi-Channel Bandpass Sampling with Inverse Placement in Software Defined Radio IEEE ICACT 2005.01.21
Kwang Park Effects of timing jitter in low-band DS-BPSK UWB system under Nakagami-M fading channels TENCON 2004.11.21 Link icon
Mohmmad Anas QoS Aware Power Allocation for Combined Guaranteed Performance and Best Effort Users in OFDMA Systems ISPACS 2004.11.18 Link icon
Chiho Lee Performance of Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme Considering the Power Control Step Size in DS/CDMA Systems IEEE VTC 2004.09.26 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang Hot-Beam Traffic Relief for Cellular SBF Multi-Beam Array Antenna CDMA Systems IEEE VTC 2004.09.26 Link icon
Insoo Koo Erlang Capacity Analysis of Multi-Access Systems Supporting voice and data services LNCS 2004.09.21 Link icon
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