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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Jun-il Ahn Ordering Aided Schnorr-Euchner Sphere Decoding with Statistical Pruning Based on IRA for MIMO Systems IEEE APCC 2009.10.08 Link icon
Dong-Hun Lee Joint Diversity with Multi-Stream Selection for Multi-User Spatial Multiplexing Systems With Block Diagonalization IEEE APCC 2009.10.01 Link icon
Dong-Hun Lee Performance Analysis of STBC with Multi-User Diversity and Transmit Antenna Subset Selection in MIMO system IEEE ISCIT 2009.10.01 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Hardware Accelerator for Raptor Decoder ISASC Electronics 2009.09.14
Jun-il Ahn Schnorr-Euchner Sphere Decoder with Statistical Pruning for MIMO Systems IEEE ISWCS 2009.09.07 Link icon
Richard O. Afolabi On Secure Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Emitters Electromagnetic Signature IEEE ICCCN 2009.08.03 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Hardware Implementation of Matrix Inversion for Raptor Decoder on Embedded System IEEE MWSCAS 2009.08.02 Link icon
Wan-Su Lim BER Performance of Coherent DPSK Free-Space Optical systems with APD over Turbulence Channels IEEE OECC 2009.07.17 Link icon
Sang-Ho Lee Hop-Count Based Localization Using Geometric Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE APCC 2008.10.16 Link icon
Soon-Kyu Lee Extended Orthogonal Block Coding with Code Selection for Four Transmit Antennas and One Receive Antenna IEEE APCC 2008.10.14 Link icon
Youngtae Noh Basestation-Aided Coverage-Aware Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE WCNC 2008.03.31 Link icon
Youngtae Noh Central Angle Decision Algorithm in Coverage-Preserving Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE WCNC 2008.03.31 Link icon
Euchan Kim LaMSM: Localization Algorithm with Merging Segmented Maps for Underwater Sensor Networks LNCS 2007.12.17 Link icon
Sang-Ho Lee Localization with a Mobile Beacon based on Geometric Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE ISSNIP 2007.12.03 Link icon
Kyoung-Seok Oh Improved Energy Efficiency of DMAC with Periodic Full Sleep Cycle for Wireless Sensor Networks with Heavy Traffics IEEE ISSNIP 2007.12.03 Link icon
Dmitry Kramarev An Approximated Detection Method for Sequential Detection inWireless Sensor Networks ICMT 2007.11.06 Link icon
Chang-Yeul Huh Quasi-Orthogonal STBC with Adaptive Power Allocation under Imperfect Channel Estimation IEEE MILCOM 2007.10.29 Link icon
Kwanglak Jung Simple fusion with low complexity for distributed multitarget classification in wireless sensor networks ITC-CSCC 2007.07.08 Link icon
Seokjin Sung Packet Delay and Energy Consumption based on Markov Chain Model of the Frame-Based S-MAC Protocol under Unsaturated Conditions ICOIN 2007.01.23 Link icon
Seok Woo An Adaptive Power Controlled MAC Protocol Utilizing Beacon Scheme for Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks ICOIN 2007.01.23
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