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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Euchan Kim Bearings-only Tracking Systems with Distributed Floating Beacons in Underwater Sensor Networks EUC 2010.12.11 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Raptor Codes on Embedded System XXV DCIS 2010.11.19
Saewoom Lee Sensor Authentication Scheme for Clustering Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2010.11.03 Link icon
Euchan Kim Floating Beacon-Assisted 3-D Localization for Variable Sound Speed in Underwater Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2010.11.02 Link icon
Su-Jung Yoo Adaptive Rate Network Coding using Raptor Codes for Large Wireless Relay Networks ICUMT 2010.10.19 Link icon
Todor Mladenov Analysis and Implementation of Raptor Codes on Embedded System IEEE IMSCS 2010.08.04 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Intelligent Implementation of Schonorr-Euchnor Sphere Decoding for MIMO Systems ITC-CSCC 2010.07.04
Todor Mladenov Parallel Scalable Hardware Architecture for Hard Raptor Decoder ISCAS 2010.06.02 Link icon
Euchan Kim Long-range Beacons on Sea Surface based 3D-Localization for Underwater Sensor Networks IEEE MSN 2009.12.17 Link icon
Jong-Moon Kim Improved Lattice-Reduction-Aided Detectors Over Added Search Signals Using Quantization Error for MIMO-OFDM Systems IEEE ISPACS 2009.12.07 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Performance Comparison of Interference Suppressor Using Windowed DCT and Windowed FFT for Reliable Sensor Signal Processing ICMIT 2009.12.03
Jintae Park Fusion of Decisions Modeled as Weak Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE GLOBECOM 2009.11.30 Link icon
Seok Woo Parameter Setting and 2-D Stability Conditions for TCP/RED Networks IEEE GLOBECOM 2009.11.30 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Adaptive Interference Suppression Methods Using Transform Domain Approach in an On-Board Filter Bank for Satellite Communications IEEE TENCON 2009.11.23 Link icon
Jintae Park A Robust Fusion Rule using Piece-Wise Linear Function in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2009.10.26 Link icon
Euchan Kim SAMOP: Synchronization Avoiding Modification of Outgoing Packets in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2009.10.26 Link icon
Wan-Su Lim Analytical Time-Domain Model For Radio Over Free Space Optical Military Communication Systems Under Turbulence Channels IEEE MILCOM 2009.10.19 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Ordering Aided Schnorr-Euchner Sphere Decoding with Statistical Pruning Based on IRA for MIMO Systems IEEE APCC 2009.10.08 Link icon
Dong-Hun Lee Joint Diversity with Multi-Stream Selection for Multi-User Spatial Multiplexing Systems With Block Diagonalization IEEE APCC 2009.10.01 Link icon
Dong-Hun Lee Performance Analysis of STBC with Multi-User Diversity and Transmit Antenna Subset Selection in MIMO system IEEE ISCIT 2009.10.01 Link icon
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