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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Donghyeon Kim A Non-Invasive Flexible Multi-Channel Electrode for in Vivo Mouse EEG Recording IEEE Sensors Conference 2014 2014.11.04
Jaewook Kang One-dimensional Piecewise-Constant Signal Recovery via Spike-and-Slab Approximate Message-Passing 48th Asilomar Conf. (2014) 2014.11.03
Donghyeon Kim CSP considering Trial-to-Trial Variance for Left/Right Classification ISA 2013 2013.11.22
Ahsan Shahzad Falls Risk Estimation Using Wireless Body Kinematics Sensors The 7th International Symposium for Aging (ISA) 2013.11.22
Jaewook Kang Noisy behavior of MAP-based sparse support detection SPARS 2013 2013.07.08
Jaewook Kang Asymptotic Analysis of Marginal Posterior PDF via Belief Propagation in Noisy Sparse Estimation ITC-CSCC 2012 2013.06.30
Sang-Ho Lee 3D Localization with a Mobile Beacon in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2012.10.30 Link icon
Saewoom Lee Key Renewal Scheme for Clustering Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks IEEE Sensors 2012.10.30 Link icon
Peyman Teymoori An Optimal Packet Aggregation Scheme in Delay-constrained IEEE 802.11n WLANs WiCOM 2012.09.21 Link icon
Jaewook Kang Bayesian Hypothesis Test for Sparse Support Recovery using Belief Propagation IEEE SSP 2012 2012.08.06
Binh Van Nguyen A Relay Selection Scheme with Interference Cancellation at the Receiver ICCE 2012.08.01 Link icon
Richard O. Afolabi Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multicast OFDMA Transmissions Using Scalable Amortize Factor ICUFN 2012.07.16 Link icon
Sangjo Yoo Modeling and characteristics of mobile-to-mobile wideband MIMO channel based on the geometrical multi-radii two-rings with specified frequency selectivity EuCAP 2012.04.30 Link icon
Khosrow Sohraby On the capacity of retrial systems with orderly reattempts with impatience and abandonments ICCIT 2011.12.29 Link icon
M. S. Kumar On a Multiserver Retrial Queue with Phase Type Retrial Time ICMCM 2011.12.19
Binh Van Nguyen A Novel Relay Selection with Power Allocation-Based Machenism in Interference Environment ISPACS 2011.12.07 Link icon
Yoon-Dong Sung Loop-Interference Suppression Strategies Using Antenna Selection in Full-Duplex MIMO Relays ISPACS 2011.12.07 Link icon
Jeehoon Lee The optimal number of sub-carriers for three randomly interfering OFDM systems TENCON 2011.11.21 Link icon
Sang-Ho Lee Path Planning of a Mobile Beacon for Localization in Underwater Sensor Networks EUC 2011.10.25 Link icon
KIM, CHUNG SAN 3D Underwater Localization with Hybrid Ranging Method for Near-Sea Marine Monitoring EUC 2011.10.24 Link icon
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