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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Hyunduk Kang A Throughput-efficient Code Assignment Scheme for an Integrated Voice/Data Multi-Code CDMA System IEEE VTC 2000.05.15 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim Fully digital preambleless 40Mbps QPSK demodulator for burst transmission COOL-Chips III 2000.04.24 Link icon
Hyunjae Kim A Multiple Guard Interval Based Frequency Error Detector for OFDM systems Under Two-Ray Multipath Fading Channel ISPACS 2000.03.27 Link icon
Youngjin Moon A MAC scheme for Multimedia Services over ATM-based PON IEEE TENCON 1999.12.15 Link icon
Minkyung Park A digital sinusoid synthesis based on the post-scaled CORDIC APCC/OECC 1999.10.18 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang BER Performance of the OFDM system with the Polynomial Cancellation Coding under the frequency offset APCC/OECC 1999.10.18 Link icon
Dongwook Lee Design and Analysis of the Mobile Agent Preventing Out-of-sequence Packets ICOIN 1999.09.28
Jeongrok Yang A Dynamic Resource Allocation Scheme to Maximize Throughput in a Multimedia CDMA System VTC 1999.09.19 Link icon
Chiho Lee System Performance Analysis with Error-Controlled Data in Voice/Data DS-CDMA System VTC 1999.09.19 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim Implementation of 40Mbps burst QPSK receiver with NDA timing and frequency synchronization VTC 1999.09.19 Link icon
Insoo Koo Capacity-Optimized Power Allocation Scheme in an Integrated Voice and Data DS-CDMA System IEEE TENCON 1999.09.17 Link icon
Seung-Jae Bahng Flexible Call Admission control Schemes for DS-CDMA systems with Non-uniform Traffic IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15 Link icon
Jae-Woong Paek A Study on Traffic Parameters Estimation of Call Admission Control in ATM Networks IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15 Link icon
Hyun-Ho Yoon A Queue Length-based Scheduling Scheme in ATM Networks IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15 Link icon
Jae-Sun Cha A Time-based Weighted Fair Queueing Algorithm for Improving CDV and CLP in ATM Networks IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15
Iltaeck Joo Performance of Adaptive Beamforming using the Split RLS Algorithm IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang Performance analysis of the OFDM system with one-tap equalizer against the two-ray multipath channel IEEE TENCON 1999.09.15 Link icon
Minkyung Park High throughput CORDIC-based direct digital frequency synthesizer: comparison with the ROM-based architecture in FPGA Implementation 2nd SOC 1999.07.01
Jisoo Park A study of ATM Buffer Management Scheme for Multi-Qos Services in ATM Switching System ITC-CSCC 1998.01.01 Link icon
Seokjoo Shin Performance of a Modified Joint CDMA/PRMA Protocol ITC-CSCC 1998.01.01 Link icon
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