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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Hong-Ku Kang Subchannel power controlled COFDM system for the Wireless-LAN ICCE 2001.06.19 Link icon
Wooncheol Hwang Performance of OFDM with Postdetection-Combining-Based Macrodiversity on a Shadowed Multipath Channel IEEE ICCE 2001.06.19 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang OFDM system with subchannel power control under the two-ray multipath channel ICC 2001.06.11 Link icon
Insoo Koo An approximate analysis method of Erlang capacity for CDMA systems with multiple sectors, and multiple frequency allocation bands IEEE VTC 2001.05.06 Link icon
Seokjoo Shin Performance comparison of two common control channels for 3G systems ICATM 2001.04.22 Link icon
Kanghee Kim A Novel MAC Scheme for Prioritized Services in IEEE 802.11a Wireless LAN ICATM 2001.04.22 Link icon
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance of a Fast Frequency-Hopped MFSK Multiple Access System with the Modified Multistage Decoding scheme (MMDS) over a Rayleigh Fading Channel IEEE WPMC 2000.11.21
Chiho Lee BER Performance of a Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) Scheme with an Optimum Geometric Power Disparity (GPD) in a DS/CDMA System WPMC 2000.11.15
Sungsoo Choi A High-Speed Coded QPSK Transmitter LSI for DAVIC-Compliant Digital Communications IEEE WPMC 2000.11.12
Insoo Koo Analysis of Erlang Capacity for the Multimedia DS-CDMA Systems with the Limited Number of Channel Elements IEEE WCNC 2000.09.23 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim A concatenated code design with Hamming code and 3/4 rate 4-state MTCM/CPFSK WPMC 2000.09.18
Jeongrok Yang Erlang Capacity of a Multiple Carrier CDMA System for Integrated Voice and Data Services WPMC 2000.09.18
Hong-Ku Kang BER performance of the OFDM system with the polynomial cancellation coding under the two-ray multipath channel WPMC 2000.09.18
Gwangzeen Ko Performance Evaluation of AAL2 with Continuous Time Markove Process WPMC 2000.09.18
Kanghee Kim Performance Evaluation of OFDM-based IEEE 802.11a MAC Protocol Under Indoor Wireless Channel ITC-CSCC 2000.07.12
Chiho Lee System Capacity Analysis with the Retransmission Limit on ARQ in a Voice/Data DS-CDMA System ITC-CSCC 2000.07.12
Jeungmin Joo A Comparison of FFH/SSMA and DS/CDMA Communications in a Rician Fading Channel ITC-CSCC 2000.07.07
Seokjoo Shin Performance of a Modified Joint CDMA/PRMA Protocol Using an Spread ALOHA Access Channel (MJCP/SAAC) APCC 2000.07.01
Seokjoo Shin Packet Error Performance of Hybrid FDMA/CDMA Systems in frequency Selective Rayleigh Fading ICCS 2000.07.01
Su-Won Lee A MAC Protocol Using Discrete Fair Queueing Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Networks 5th CIC 2000.07.01
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