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International Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Seokjoo Shin Performance comparison of two common control channels for 3G systems ICATM 2001.04.22 Link icon
Kanghee Kim A Novel MAC Scheme for Prioritized Services in IEEE 802.11a Wireless LAN ICATM 2001.04.22 Link icon
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance of a Fast Frequency-Hopped MFSK Multiple Access System with the Modified Multistage Decoding scheme (MMDS) over a Rayleigh Fading Channel IEEE WPMC 2000.11.21
Chiho Lee BER Performance of a Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) Scheme with an Optimum Geometric Power Disparity (GPD) in a DS/CDMA System WPMC 2000.11.15
Sungsoo Choi A High-Speed Coded QPSK Transmitter LSI for DAVIC-Compliant Digital Communications IEEE WPMC 2000.11.12
Insoo Koo Analysis of Erlang Capacity for the Multimedia DS-CDMA Systems with the Limited Number of Channel Elements IEEE WCNC 2000.09.23 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim A concatenated code design with Hamming code and 3/4 rate 4-state MTCM/CPFSK WPMC 2000.09.18
Jeongrok Yang Erlang Capacity of a Multiple Carrier CDMA System for Integrated Voice and Data Services WPMC 2000.09.18
Hong-Ku Kang BER performance of the OFDM system with the polynomial cancellation coding under the two-ray multipath channel WPMC 2000.09.18
Gwangzeen Ko Performance Evaluation of AAL2 with Continuous Time Markove Process WPMC 2000.09.18
Kanghee Kim Performance Evaluation of OFDM-based IEEE 802.11a MAC Protocol Under Indoor Wireless Channel ITC-CSCC 2000.07.12
Chiho Lee System Capacity Analysis with the Retransmission Limit on ARQ in a Voice/Data DS-CDMA System ITC-CSCC 2000.07.12
Jeungmin Joo A Comparison of FFH/SSMA and DS/CDMA Communications in a Rician Fading Channel ITC-CSCC 2000.07.07
Seokjoo Shin Performance of a Modified Joint CDMA/PRMA Protocol Using an Spread ALOHA Access Channel (MJCP/SAAC) APCC 2000.07.01
Seokjoo Shin Packet Error Performance of Hybrid FDMA/CDMA Systems in frequency Selective Rayleigh Fading ICCS 2000.07.01
Su-Won Lee A MAC Protocol Using Discrete Fair Queueing Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Networks 5th CIC 2000.07.01
Sungdon Moon Orthogonal Multicarrier-CDMA Techniques With MRC Scheme on Two-ray Multipath Fading Channels IEEE ISPACS 2000.07.01
Hakyong Kim A Performance-Enhanced Parallel Scheduling Algorithm for MIQ Switches providing a QoS Guarantee IEEE ATM 2000.06.26 Link icon
Hong-Ku Kang OFDM System with the Guard Interval and the One-Tap Equalizer Bank for the Wireless LAN ICCE 2000.06.13 Link icon
Hyunduk Kang A Throughput-efficient Code Assignment Scheme for an Integrated Voice/Data Multi-Code CDMA System IEEE VTC 2000.05.15 Link icon
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