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Title RoF 및 PON 기술 기반 통합 도심 관리 시스템 (IUMS)의 설계와 그 응용
Journal Name 전자공학회논문지
First Author Changho Yun
Coauthor 조태식, 임완수, 이현주, 김면식, 신성문, 김기선
Publication Date 2006.05.30 Link Link icon
Acceptance Rate (%) Date 2013-09-10 10:10
A variety of systems have been attempted for effective urban management. In this paper we introduce the Integrated Urban Management System (IUMS), which consists mainly of an optical line terminal (OLT), optical network terminals (ONTs) and wireless access points (APs), by combining passive optical network (PON) and radio over fiber (RoF) technologies so as to take advantage of both systems. Further, several IUMS services including a disaster detection and prevention system (DDPS), a bus information system (BIS) and a real time location system (RTLS) are demonstrated in order to verify the employment of IUMS for the realization of a future ubiquitous city (U-city).
광주과학기술원 한·러 MT-IT 융합기술연구센터 광주과학기술원정보통신공학부