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Domestic Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Yeo-Min Yoon Performance Improvement of a FH-FDMA System by the Clipper Receiver under the Partial-Band Jamming Environment 통신전자정보화 학술대회 2001.09.20 Link icon
Seokjoo Shin Capacity Analysis of the Multi-rate Services in CDMA System KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2001.07.06 Link icon
Taesik Cho Modified BER Estimation of Optical Link Considering the Nonlinear Effect of the Fiber Communications Society 2001.07.06 Link icon
Kwang-Jun Ha Performance of Adaptive Modulation in DS/CDMA Systems under Rayleigh Fading with MRC Diversity Reception 한국통신학회 2001.07.05 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang CDMA 시스템에서 트래픽의 activity 특성을 고려한 용량 분석 하계통신학회 2001.07.02 Link icon
Jeungmin Joo Performance Analysis of Synchronous FFH-SSMA Communication Systems with Frequency Errors in Shadowed Rician Fading Channels 하계 통신 학회 2001.06.20 Link icon
Sungsoo Choi Standard Basis를 기반으로 하는 유한체내 고속 GF(2m) 역변환기 설계 한국통신학회 2001.06.20 Link icon
Chiho Lee Performance Analysis of Groupwise Successive Interference Cancellation Scheme with Groupwise Power Disparities in a DS/CDMA System JCCI 2001.04.25 Link icon
Kyung-Min Kim Forward Link Erlang Capacity for Integrated Voice/Data Traffics in CDMA Systems Considering Delay Requirements JCCI 2001.04.25 Link icon
Youngsun Kim BER Performance for Burst-mode QPSK Transmission with Frequency Offset Estimator 한국통신학회 2001.04.13 Link icon
Youngkou Lee 155Mbps 급 기저대역 전송을 위한 선택가능형 QPSK변조부의 VLSI 구현 KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2001.04.13 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang 멀티미디어 DS-CDMA 시스템의 셀용량 평면 및 가변 전송률 전송기법의 분석 Telecommunications Review 2001.04.12 Link icon
Hakyong Kim High speed packet switches - Analytical approaches to the multiple input-queued switch The First Netmanias Workshop 2001.01.12 Link icon
Hyun-Ho Yoon Performance Analysis and Development Cource of Voice Service Technology NCS 2000.12.04
Wooncheol Hwang Performance of OFDM with Macrodiversity Selection on a Shadowed Multipath Channel IEEK 2000.11.24 Link icon
Yeo-Min Yoon BER Performance of an FFH/MFSK System with Adaptive Thresholds in a Partial-Band Jamming Environment 통신/전자 학술대회 2000.09.22 Link icon
Sungdon Moon BER Performance Analysis of a DRT System for Different Data Rates under Various Jamming Environments 통신/전자 학술대회 2000.09.22 Link icon
Insoo Koo Analysis of Erlang Capacity for Multi-FA CDMA Systems Supporting Voice and Data Services under teh Unequal Sector Traffic Loads 통신공학회 2000.07.26 Link icon
Insoo Koo Analysis of Erlang Capacity for Multi-FA CDMA Systems Suporting Voice and Data Services 전자공학회 2000.06.23 Link icon
Hyunjae Kim A Multiple Guard Interval Based Frequency Error Detector for Carrier Frequency Synchronization in OFDM Systems JCCI 2000 2000.05.25 Link icon
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