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Donghyeon Kim 집단 간/집단 내 분산을 고려한 공통공간패턴 분석 기법의 두 클래스 운동 상상 분류 적용 (우수논문상) 한국통신학회 광주전남지부 학술대회 2015.06.18 Link icon
Aresh Dadlani Analysis of Uniform Immunization on Malware Spread in Complex Communication Networks KICS WInter Conference 2015.01.21 Link icon
Sangjo Yoo A Land Mobile Satellite Channel Simulator Based on a 2D Non-Isotropic Scattering Model KICS Winter Conference 2015 2015.01.21 Link icon
Donghyeon Kim Development and Evaluation of a Flexible Multi-channel EEG Electrode for Sensory Potential Recording in Mice 대한의용생체공학회 2014.05.09 Link icon
Ahsan Shahzad Data Aquisition for Quantitative Fall Risk Assessment using Instrumented Directed Routine KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2013.05.10 Link icon
Sangjo Yoo On Correlation Separability of Mobile-to-Mobile MIMO Fading Channels KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2013.05.10 Link icon
Jaeuk Byun A New Approach for Nonlinear State Estimation using Unscented Kalman Filter KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2013.05.10 Link icon
Saewoom Lee Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Clustered Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2013.05.10 Link icon
Donghyeon Kim A New Feature Extraction Method Overcoming the Non-stationarity KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2013.05.10 Link icon
Hyoyoung Jung Comparison of Nonlinear Data Fusion in Cooperative Engagement Capacity KICS 2013.05.10 Link icon
Hyoyoung Jung Achievable Distortion for a Gaussian Sensor Network with Randomly Failed Sensors via Uncoded Transmission KICS 2012.06.21 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn An Unified Statistical Pruning Strategy for Near-Maximum Likelihood Decoding in MIMO systems 한국통신학회 2012.06.20 Link icon
Hyoyoung Jung Rate Distortion Analysis for Multi-Links Channel with Randomly Failed-Links Set KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2012.05.18 Link icon
Jun-il Ahn Upper Bound on Expected Complexity of Depth-First Tree Search with Multiple Radii for Constrained Integer Least-Squares Problems 한국통신학회 2012.05.18 Link icon
Yonghun Kim Analytic Comparison of Time Reversal Signal Processing for Underwater Communication KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2012.05.18 Link icon
Saewoom Lee Delay sensitive MAC protocol for wireless multi-hop networks KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2012.05.18 Link icon
Roya Sadat Babaei Reducing the False Detection Rate of Hand Motor Imagery Based Dry Electrode Brain-Computer Interface System KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2012.05.18
Jaewook Kang An analysis for density evolution on noisy sparse recovery via belief propagation KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 2012-06-26 Link icon
Taesik Cho Performance Optimization of Radio-on-Fiber Systems with Reduction of IM3 by Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Photonics 2011.12.02 Link icon
KIM, CHUNG SAN Shallow underwater temperature mapping using single acoustic transceiver IEEK 2011.11.26 Link icon
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