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Domestic Conference
First Author Title Conf. Name Publication Date Link
Euchan Kim A Call Admission Control in the Multimedia DS-CDMa System by Using a Variable Data Rate and a Channel Reservation 한국통신학회 1998.07.09 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim Design and Implementation of Carrier Phase and Frequency Recovery Circuit for Burst QPSK Receiver KICS Gwangju-Jeonnam 1998.05.23 Link icon
Dongwook Lee A VC Connection Method for RSVP Multicasting Supporting Heterogeneous Receivers on the ATM Network JCCI 1998.04.24 Link icon
Insoo Koo Analysis of Erlang Capacity for the Multimedia DS-CDMA Systems JCCI 1998.04.22 Link icon
Sungdon Moon Performance Analysis of OMC-CDMA in AWGN and Rayleigh Channels JCCI 1998.04.02 Link icon
Chiho Lee 길쌈 부호의 선택에 따른 멀티미디어 DS-CDMA 시스템의 용량 증가 분석 IEEK 1997.06.28 Link icon
Wooncheol Hwang Performance Analysis of a Block Coded BPSK/OMC Modulation IEEK 1997.06.28 Link icon
Insoo Koo A Generalized Capacity Formula for the Multi-media DS-CDMA System IEEK 1997.06.28 Link icon
Sungsoo Choi Optimization and Analysis of Coded Singletone/Multitone Systems under Far End Cross Talk for ADSL IEEK 1997.06.28 Link icon
Hyuksoo Jin A Shared Buffering ATM Switch with Output Buffers JCCI 1997.01.08 Link icon
Insoo Koo Sensitivity analysis for Capacity Increase on the DS-CDMA System JCCI 1997.01.08 Link icon
Jeongrok Yang CDMA 시스템에서 적응 호차단방법에 관한 연구 JCCI 1996.04.27 Link icon
YoonKyoung Han ATM 망에서 VBR 서비스를 위한 동적 대역 할당 알고리즘 JCCI 1996.04.25 Link icon
Seunggeun Kim 동기식 8상 8PSK TCM 방식에 있어서의 위상모호성 문제에 대한 연구 JCCI 1996.04.25 Link icon
Hakyong Kim 랜덤 액세스 입력버퍼방식을 이용한 고속 ATM 스위치 구조에 관한 연구 JCCI 1996.04.25 Link icon
Hakyong Kim 정보통신시장의 개방과 대응 한국통신 대학(원)생 정보통신 논문공모 논문집 1995.11.01 Link icon
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